Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I was not sure how to answer this question honestly. I don't want this post, or either my blog becomes controversial. I don't want to lead any haters come to my life but then, why should I think like that? I'm speaking on behalf none, I write on my own blog, under my platform and I just want to share my opinion, that's all. 

I won't harm anyone. I won't harm any beliefs. I am here talking as a person, as a human being. 

To answer this question, one sentence: I don't care. 

I don't care because for me personally, apart from what my religion is, apart where I live, someone should not defines by their sexuality or their religion. So what if I'm muslim? So what if my best friend is Christian? So what if I'm straight and other people are gay or lesbian? 

I'm a big believer of ' YOU DO YOU' so for me it doesn't matter what your belief is or what your sexuality is. I don't support any religion, I don't support any sexuality, I support human right. I support acceptance. 

My best friend is mualaf. I support and respect his decision. Not because he's a muslim now, but because he knows what he wants in his life. He knows who he is. That's his right to choose his path.

It doesn't matter who you were, what matter is who are you now and who you want to be. 

I don't have any friend who's LGBT, yet, I don't know maybe someday I will meet one but I will still keeping my words, for me it doesn't matter. I'll be friends with anyone as long as they're good to me. I don't see their genders, sexualities, beliefs, or anything. I love making friends, I respect and support my friends. 

I respect human rights. I respect your decisions. I respect your perspectives. 

Thanks for reading! Xx. 

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