Sunday, September 29, 2019


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Let me tell you, this is a psychological, science-fiction movie. It is really hard to follow, and yes, drained me emotionally. I'm actually at an absolute loss for words. I feel like I just went on a sort of a spiritual journey that I can't explain. 

Before I watched this movie, I did not watch the trailer as I normally do. I saw the movie poster and saw Brad Pitt and I'm sold. That's it, I'm going. So I didn't know what's this movie about and I had zero expectation. 

Ad Astra is not a typical science-fiction movie, which usually big things happened in space or tell you how to survive in the space. This is not. So if you expected this movie would be something like space travel, you might hate this movie or just, disappointed. 

I love this movie. I love movies that make me feel something and Ad Astra definitely did. 

This movie focused on a character rather than the action sequences or the science-fiction itself. It shows you the emotional side of an astronaut like what it feels like to be up in the space with zero gravity for more than 60 days? I don't think there's a movie ever tells you about this side. I probably missed it, but I believe this is the first movie that shows us the downside of being an astronaut, their depression and anxiety, their ability to cope up with responsibility and their own lives. It is really tough! 

And that film focus is a credit for Brad Pitt. He is extraordinary in this movie, everything about him is just so great and deep. Personally, this is his best performance. He is brilliant in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) but there's something really different from his performance in this movie, something so special and really touch the audience emotionally.

Ad Astra gives something fresh and unique in the film industry especially when it crafted so beautifully like this one. I can't explain how beautiful the cinematography is. It was one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen in my entire life. From one scene to another is just so smooth, calm, and so relax. I honestly felt like I was on a journey to find peace within myself.

I understand this movie is not for everybody, there are some strange things happened in this movie and they were not quite fit into the movie logic. Ad Astra is not a perfect movie but it is something different in terms of the science-fiction genre. 

Have you watched this movie? If so, what do you think? 

Love, Vera

Monday, September 23, 2019


Sore ini aku pakai fitur questions di Instagram dan bertanya pada teman-teman di instagram apakah mereka punya pertanyaan untukku dan apakah mau disebutkan namanya karena aku akan menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan tersebut di blog. Ternyata... hampir semua ingin namanya ditulis sebagai inisial atau bahkan anonymous saja. Hanya beberapa orang yang mau namanya aku tulis, padahal menurutku pertanyaan mereka enggak terlalu personal kok. Tapi ya aku nurut saja. Sebenarnya, aku tahu sih pertanyaan-pertanyaan apa yang akan bermunculan, tapi ya dari sekian yang masuk aku pilih. Btw, terima kasih teman-teman! It was fun!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


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Walked into the theatre, I was very nervous and excited at the same time. Since his debut, Hereditary (2018), Ari Aster was one of my favourite directors. However, there's a bit of drama about this movie in Indonesia. Midsommar almost didn't make it through the cinema because of the film sensor according to Indonesian Broadcasting Commission. Cult, violence, and sex are some of the taboo topics in Indonesia movie industry. Well, not gonna talk about that.

Midsommar is a slow-paced movie because it takes a while until things actually happening. This is also one of the most beautiful cinematography I've ever seen. The colour palette is off the chart gorgeous! Everything is bright, white, and almost reach to the point that it is calming and relaxing.  This is a treat for our eyes. Until it's not.

This is a nightmare in the bright sunlight.

Like Hereditary, this movie also set up with how to cope up with loss and grief. The main character, Dani (Florence Pugh) losses her entire family in a terrible and horrifying homicidal. I don't consider it as a spoiler because it occurs before the movie title, but I'm not gonna talk about it more. This is a set up to the entire movie. Dani has a terrible relationship with his boyfriend, Christian (Jack Reynor) who is no longer in love with her and then the family thing happened. For Dani, everything just falling apart. So, when one of Christian's friends asked them to go to Sweden to visit his family, it looks like a perfect gateway for her. 

But I have to say, this movie processes the relationship theme better than its grief theme. I find this movie forgets about the grief theme because it no longer connects to the following events. In term of the relationship, it portrays almost accurate when two people are no longer find the benefit, not necessarily toxic I think, it's just doesn't do any good for both of them and they're trying to find the excuses for it. 

Narratively, this movie has a simple story but an elevated presentation. Some scenes are pretentious but overall, this is a psychological horror movie that really works. Like Jordan Peele's Us (2018), I left the theatre with an uneasy feeling. This movie is a disturbing one, no doubt with great performances from the actors. However, the characters in this movie are like objects. We don't have a connection even after the movie ends. They're relatively likeable characters but I don't feel what they feel in this movie. Some of the scenes in this movie have the potential to build up the character development to audience connection, but then it changes in the next scene so strangely that we don't understand what is this person doing. 

Hence, movie production is the best. The cut, the score, the audio, the visual, everything is just so perfect! There's one scene in this movie, which also one of my favourite scenes in terms of cinematography when people are dancing in the circle and the music is faded then back to normal again and then faded again, following the eye movements of the lead character, I think that's so gorgeous! And then when everybody sits on the dining table, ready to eat, the camera shots from above and it shows everyone on the frame. The way they take their cutlery is like a domino effect. Start from one person and spread out to everybody in a synchronized movement. So gorgeous! 

Overall, I like this movie. I can't wait to watch the uncut version of this movie even the director's cut!   Yes, this movie has so many violence and gore scenes and those forced me to close my eyes tightly, but I love Ari Aster's work, so yeah. 

What do you think about this movie? 

Love, Vera

Monday, September 09, 2019


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Gundala adalah film pertama dari Jagat Sinema Bumilangit atau Bumilangit Cinematic Universe (BCU) yaitu jagat sinema pertama di Indonesia! Lahir dari komik ciptaan Hasmi, Gundala akhirnya diangkat ke layar lebar oleh Joko Anwar, salah satu sutradara kesukaanku! Aku belum pernah baca komiknya karena jujur saja, aku bukan penggemar komik. Sekarang justru bingung juga kalau mau baca komik, di mana aku bisa membeli komik yang lahir di tahun 1969?

Untuk ulasan kali ini, aku sengaja membuat spoiler review karena banyak sekali yang ingin aku bahas terkait dengan cerita asal Gundala, peran dia di jagat sinema Bumilangit, dan potensi film dan karakter yang akan datang.

Jadi, kalau kalian belum nonton Gundala, jangan baca ulasan ini ya! Tapi kalau kalian gak masalah sama spoilers, let's get started! 

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