Friday, June 17, 2016


I cut off the question on the title because it's quite long. Here's the real question: 

Now there's so many hate on internet either it is for celebrities or other public figures, those haters appear on youtube comment section, or instagram or even directly tweet to people they hate. What do you think about this situation? Do you ever do one of those? Or do you ever get hate over internet? 

First, I would never send something hateful to someone either in real life or on the internet. Second, I never understand why do people take their time out of their lives just to make other people feel bad about themselves? It doesn't make any sense to me. That's really disgusting to be honest. 

I think those haters are just insecure people. They don't have any difference with bullies. What they do is actually cyber-bullying and that's bad. Every kind of bullying is very bad. If you don't like something or someone for some reasons, you don't have to post it on internet. For example, if you hate a person named X, then don't follow his instagram, or twitter, or his youtube channel. Simple right? 

Always remember that those celebrities or other internet personalities are humans too. They might see those terrible hateful comments. Let's turn the table and imagine to live your life with negativities in daily basis? Isn't it miserable?

You can always have opinion on everything, for everyone, that's normal. You can be disagree to something, that's also normal. But you don't have to judge rudely. You can say those disagreements nicely and kindly. You can criticise as long as it is right and helpful. 

Thanks for reading! Xx.


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