Monday, November 27, 2017


*written in Indonesian
Gimana sih caranya supaya bisa memaafkan orang dengan tulus? 

Beberapa tahun lalu, saya pernah bertengkar dengan sahabat sendiri karena runtuhnya kepercayaan. Saya orang yang berprinsip kalau kepercayaan itu dibangun dan untuk bisa percaya sama orang itu butuh proses yang cukup lama. Sehingga ketika kepercayaan saya dirusak, sulit bagi saya untuk bisa memaafkan dan menata ulang persahabatan kami dari awal. Setiap sahabat saya chat, bawaannya ingin marah-marah sendiri, teringat lagi apa yang dia lakukan. Intinya, saya menjadi pendendam karena kesalahan dia diingat terus. Saya berubah menjadi orang yang saya tidak suka. 

Hampir setengah tahun saya dan sahabat saya diam-diaman, lama-lama saya capek juga marah-marah sendiri setiap ada chat atau telfon dari dia, akhirnya kami ketemu dan saya jelaskan semuanya. Semua. Mulai dari gimana perasaan saya dari awal tahu kalau kepercayaan saya dirusak, sampai apa harapan saya untuk persahabatan kita. Setelah mengobrol, nangis dan sampai akhirnya tertawa bareng lagi, saya sadar satu hal. 

Memaafkan orang harus mulai dari memaafkan diri sendiri dulu.

Kenapa? Karena setiap masalah yang ada di hidup kita, kita sudah tahu bagaimana penyelesaiannya. Tinggal memaafkan diri sendiri, menerima dan mengikhlaskan kalau masalah itu terjadi. Memaafkan diri sendiri bukan berarti kita menyalahkan diri sendiri, ya. Artinya, kita berjiwa besar untuk bisa belajar dari apa yang sudah terjadi. Memaafkan diri sendiri artinya bersikap lembut pada perasaan, menyadari kalau tidak semua hal bisa terjadi sesuai rencana dan harapan. Kita harus belajar sabar sama diri sendiri. 

Setelah berdamai dengan perasaan sendiri, pada akhirnya kita bisa pelan-pelan memaafkan orang lain. Lagi, harus sabar. Segala sesuatu itu membutuhkan proses dan proses tidak akan mengkhianati hasil. Saya butuh waktu selama setahun untuk akhirnya bisa terbuka lagi sama sahabat saya itu. Setahun! Tapi sejak awal saya tegaskan kalau saya butuh waktu untuk bisa bersikap biasa lagi sama dia. Bersabar dengan diri sendiri itu perlu, sama perlunya seperti kita sabar sama orang lain. Saya tidak bisa sepenuhnya menyalahkan dia, mungkin memang harus seperti ini jalannya. Tidak ada yang sempurna di dunia ini, semua orang pasti melakukan kesalahan. Yang bikin kita berbeda, bagaimana cara kita menyikapi kesalahan dan masalah yang kita punya. 

Memaafkan orang lain itu menyehatkan. Saya tidak punya beban mental, tidak capek marah-marah sendiri, lebih enjoy menjalani hidup. Memaafkan orang lain bukan berarti kita ini lemah, kok. Memaafkan orang lain karena kita berjiwa besar. Memaafkan diri sendiri dan orang lain karena kita layak punya hidup yang damai. 


Wednesday, November 22, 2017


This foundation has been around for months and everyone loves it so much. My friends swore this is the best drugstore foundation they've ever tried. I knew about this foundation for awhile but never really want to try because it claims lasting for 24 hours. Although the finish is semi matte, still, the claim scares me a bit. My skin usually gets very dry with super long-lasting formula. 

However, after convincing comments from my friends, youtubers' review and some blog that I like to read, I finally gave it a go and here's my thought after using this foundation for a week. I want to try multiple times, not a first impression because sometimes it's entirely wrong.


Monday, November 20, 2017


I didn't taking care of myself because I want to give more for others. Why do you think self care is important and how do you manage? 

I used to think that if I give more to people, I was doing the right thing, which is not entirely wrong. What makes it wrong is if I didn't taking care of myself first. I used to put aside my needs because I wanted to provide for others. Now, as years went by, I learned and evolved, still evolving, self care must be my first priority. 


Because caring for myself is an act of kindness. I can't be a good person if I can't even kind to myself. It's impossible to love someone without loving yourself first. Self care is not selfish. Everything good comes from within. You have to take care of yourself first because we can't pour from empty glass. You have to be healthy and strong from within in order to take care others. 

Self care is an act of courage. Self care is a form of love. 

Taking care of yourself is simple. You know who you are and what you want, so start from there. Put your mental and physical health in the first priority.

  1. Watch what you consume. Drink enough water, eat vegetables and fruit. Never skip your breakfast. Take your vitamin. Don't eat when you're bored. 
  2. Watch what your body is telling you. Learn to rest well - 6 hours of sleep, do stretching every morning and night, working out, take stairs instead of elevators. Those little things you already know, do it now, not tomorrow.
  3. Watch what you are wearing. Never skip skin care routine, wear makeup and learn what suits for you, and dress well. Do it for you, and you only. Don't dress to impress people, dress to impress your own eyes until you finally say, darn it I'm badass!
  4. Watch what you see, read and hear. To form a good personality, we have to be careful on what kind of content we see and read, what conversation we want to hear. Every morning I like to listen to podcasts or watch documentaries whilst getting ready for classes or when I clean my house. By multitasking, I can learn to focus more as well. 
  5. Watch what your mind. Give yourself a pep talk every morning, be your own supporter, be gentle with your mind. Learn to not overthinking, learn to stop judging yourself because you are you and that's your power. You are enough, more than enough. Be patient on yourself, good things take time. 
  6. Watch your surrounding. Let go negativity around you because you don't need toxic environment, toxic people. If you feel like you're stuck in a place you don't belong, leave. If these people didn't help you to grow, to evolve, let them go. 
  7. Reward yourself. Every little thing matters - even smallest achievement is important. It doesn't have to be an expensive gift, it's okay if you want to but start with baby steps like go to your favorite coffee shop and order your favorite beverage, watch your favorite movie, or even sleep longer and be lazy for a day. 

Friday, November 17, 2017


Okay, where to begin? 

Well, I'm just gonna say it. I don't necessarily hate this movie, but clearly, this is not what I hope Justice League would be, if I had any hopes.

DCEU had lost my attention since Suicide Squad (2016), because... oh gosh I don't even want to talk about it anymore. Then Wonder Woman (2017) came out and it was really good, gotta say it saved me from completely leave DC. So of course, I'm excited to see bunch of DC superhero trying to save the world. 

Justice League is a turn off, for me. Again. 

How so? 

I will mention some spoilers here so if you haven't watched the movie yet, you may want to close and come back some other times. However, it you didn't mind or didn't care with spoilers, then... read more ;)


Monday, November 13, 2017


how to get along with your sister? 

I have two younger sisters and very close to them. Throughout the years, we build this sister-friendship with mutual kindness, trust, and respect. To answer this question, the best way I can explain is to have equal understanding and respect them as older or younger sibling. It applies on both sister or brother, it doesn't matter if they're younger or older, you have to learn how to be understanding and respect them.

My sisters and I are very different in many ways and often, it supposed to be leading to so many fights but it didn't. Why? Because we are understand different doesn't mean wrong. Just because I have different opinion about something, it doesn't mean mine or my sister's opinion is wrong. 

As an older sibling, I try to earn my sisters' trust. I place myself as a friend, not as a big sister. This way, instead of talking with their friends, my sisters choose to talk to me about their problems (or to my mom). I listen to them carefully and try my best to give them advice without teaching them how. None likes to hear advice in bossy way, right? I learn their characters, figure out how to talk to them without making them annoyed. For short, I'm trying to be very understanding at its best. 

Another important thing is to be respectful. If I'm wrong, I'll go first to apologize. Just because I'm older, doesn't mean I'm always right. This way, I implicitly teach them to be brave to admit mistakes. My sisters do the same thing, if they make mistake, they'll apologize. By being respectful, we create an honest sibling bond. 

Last but not least, make time for them. Sometimes, we are so consume with hanging out with our friends instead of with our siblings. My siblings and I are very lucky, we have same hobby. Three of us love watching movie so we go to theaters at least once a month. You'll be surprised how one day hanging out with your siblings can change your entire relationship with them. You can go to wherever you like, but start simple, shopping, go to new coffee shop, try new cafe, whatever. By making time for them, not only we earn their trust and respect, but we also taking care of them. 

If you and your sibling didn't get along, I suggest to talk first. Maybe there's something between you two that you didn't realize. Good things take time but it will be worth a lifetime in the end, I promise you. 

Good luck xx 

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Back in 2016, when the first season of Stranger Things aired on Netflix, the world binged about it for months. Myself included. I wrote the spoiler-free review for season 1. 

The first season is mind blowing, like I said, it's like Stephen King meets Steven Spielberg with a bit advice from Stanley Kubrick. Season 2 is a level better than the first in terms of the storyline, production and character development. Let's talk about it further. 

This post contains lots of spoilers for season 2 (and season 1 as well), so if you haven't watch the series, you might want to skip this, or not, your choice ;)


Saturday, November 04, 2017


After 3 years of waiting... The third and final installment of Thor stand-alone trilogy is finally here. Congratulations guys, we've been through a lot and it is PAID OFF!

I'm not being melodramatic here, but ever since Kevin Feige (the President of Marvel Studios) announced Phase 3 at El Capitan Theatre, California back in October 2014 (you can watch it here - low quality but you can see and hear everything), all Marvel fans have been frenzy. Who wouldn't? People couldn't stop talking about the timeline for weeks. If you an OG Marvel fan, you know 'waiting game' is our regular activity. 

So, I've watched Thor: Ragnarok fourth times in a row. Yep, you read it right. I'm just that lunatic, am I not? The first time I watched it, on October 25 - as usual, Indonesia got early premiere day, and that was simply one of the best days of my life. I got chill, thank God I didn't forget to breathe. Sorry for lame, hyperbolic rant ;)

Anyway, enough with ranting, let's talk about the movie. This is a SPOILER review so please, if you haven't watched the movie, close the tab and move on with your life. If you don't mind with major spoilers, then go ahead. It's your choice, baby! 


Thursday, November 02, 2017


Enough with sweater weather music, let's shake our body to warm up! Oh, also, welcome November!
  1. Cocoon - Milky Chance
  2. Dancing in the Moonlight - Toploader 
  3. Electric Feel - MGMT
  4. J'adore Venise - Loredana Bertè 
  5. Love My Way - The Psychedelic Furs
  6. New Rules - Dua Lipa
  7. Summer Wine - Nancy Sinatra 
  8. Seve - Tez Carey
  9. The Less I Know The Better Tame Impala
  10. What You Know - Two Door Cinema Club 
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