Wednesday, May 31, 2017



Honestly, I'm a loser when it comes to horror movie but I do love watching them. I don't enjoy it entirely, but as a movie lover, I like to think about the effect it gives me. Not ghost effect but the production like camera angle, the sound effect, the story line. 

You can count how many horror movies I watched in my entire life. Probably lower than normal people do. But when I do, I take it seriously :)) this sentence makes me laugh just like it does to you probably but really! 

From all horror movie I've ever watched, The Babadook (2014) gives so many scariness because its story and the production. It seems okay at first, but as the story goes, my mind and my body react to how scary the story is, the creepy but perfect camera angle and of course, the sound effect that completed the whole eerie air around me.

The story is simple but original, that's why it is so terrifying! This movie doesn't have scary ghost like others, but holy moly, for me The Babadook is scarier than those jump-scare movies!

What's your favorite horror movie and why? xx


Tuesday, May 30, 2017



I'm not a big fan of hardcore action movie, I hate seeing people being punched, killed, stabbed or even worse, murdered. I hate seeing blood in the movie. So won't get straight up action movies as my answer. 

To answer this question, I have quite long list of favorite action/adventure movie. So, just like I did in my day 1, I'll make it short. Over 2016 until today, my favorite is of course, Captain America: Civil War (2017). The reasons? Easy. 

This movie is my most favorite from all three Captain America franchise, because the story is so well written, brilliant directing, on point acting game, and tolerable action scenes (people punched people, things threw up in the air, so many bones were broken). This movie adds more to MCU theories, opened up to so many chances of Infinity War, I just found it very great. I mean, it is a superhero movie, it tells about fantasy world, nonsense superpower but at the same time, it is so true. 

Captain America always been my favorite. Not only because he is Chris Evans, but also because his character is the most human and has a very big heart. His life choices sometimes seem stupid but if you look more closely, you will understand because it is so relatable to real life. I think that's what people will do in real life. 

I did my in-depth spoiler free review here if you're interested to read more. 

What's your favorite action/adventure movie? If it's not hardcore action, I might be checking it out! ;)

Courtesy of Captain America: Civil War


Monday, May 29, 2017



I haven't watched the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie because duh school assignments, so the last movie I went to was Alien: Covenant (2017). I'm a huge fan of sci-fi-fi movie, I love Ridley Scott's movies, I love Prometheus so much but... I have to say, I have mixed feelings about this one. 

I like it provides answers from previous movies (it is a sequel to Prometheus and prequel to the Alien trilogy), but also triggers more questions? I don't know. 

Ps. This is a spoiler free short review. 

It still is a visually beautiful movie - the new planet is breathtaking, nothing compares to Ridley Scott's mind when it comes to terrific ideas about Alien, it has so many gorgeous scenes with Alien and weird thingy from the other planet. It's pretty scary at some point, pretty cool action scenes. There's one very brilliant scene when one character was trying to convince the other character, trying to make up his mind and for me that was very clever. I think that's the best scene ever in entire movie!

Michael Fassbender in this movie is an Oscar-worthy person. His acting game is so strong, so natural, so brilliant! However, the rest of the cast just fine. I don't understand, the actors in this movie are great people but their acting, their characters are just bland. Their characters are so dumb I found myself so pissed off to them the whole movie. 

Honestly, Prometheus is still better movie. I'm one of those people who like watching movie with great characters, great story line, and of course, visually beautiful. I think movie is not only entertainment but I also like to think about it. 

If you're like me, who appreciate every aspect of movie, you won't found this movie enjoyable because so many things bother you. But if you're just want to watch movie about alien, not really care about the production aspect, I think you're gonna like it. 

Have you watched Alien: Covenant? What do you think? 

Courtesy of Alien: Covenant


Sunday, May 28, 2017



Start with good, classic question! It should be easy to answer but honestly it is HARD. I mean I have lots of favorite movies, right? 

To short the list, let's make it favorite movie over 2016 to mid 2017. It's still hard to choose, but it's easier. 

I have four favorite movies over 2016 until now, but I have to say LA LA LAND (2016) still is my most watched and of course, really punched me in the heart. 

For me personally, it's more than just about romance story which the girl and the boy who met by accident, fell in love, things didn't work out and then the broke up. La La Land has a very special place in my heart because it tells us about dreams, about choices, and about perspective. 

As someone who is currently fighting for her dreams, trying her best to turn her dreams into plans, this movie shows different perspective of ambition and love. It shows me, respectively, that everything has its own consequences and not everything will turn out as expected, not everything has to be perfect. 

I cried so much during the movie. It's so beautiful visually, probably the most beautiful modern musical movie I've ever watched. The acting is on point, no doubt. The story is so perfectly written, I couldn't describe how much it means to me. 

courtesy of La La Land from the official website


Friday, May 26, 2017



Just like last year, I will post daily in this blog for the whole month of Ramadan! I'm so excited to start another challenge! 

Last year, I did 30 day question. This year, I'm going to do 30 DAY MOVIE CHALLENGE! Are you excited? You know I am. 

I found this challenge somewhere in tumblr, so sorry I forgot the username but whoever invented this challenge, THANK YOU LOVE! xx

So, see you tomorrow!


Tuesday, May 16, 2017


When I was a high school student, my skin care was very basic. Cleanser and moisturizer. I also didn't wear makeup, and very lucky to have a very clear skin - not even whiteheads. 

Now, I'm in my twenty-something, being a graduate student, live in a place where the pollution level is quite high, and I have very different activities compare to on my younger years. I have breakouts every now and then, my redness looks crazy, and of course, whiteheads. 

I don't have very bad breakout nor that I have acne-prone skin. My breakouts come when it's the time of the month but still, it's quite bad for someone who never had breakouts before.

Before I share my skincare routine, I have to explain my skin condition first. I have pale skin and also have a sensitive skin, not normal but also not very dry. I have some dry areas but it's not bad. My dark circles are genetic, not something that I can heal using eye cream or herbal. I have to do surgery if I want to get rid of it. Sucks, I know.

Conclusion: pale skin - normal to dry - and sensitive skin.


Tuesday, May 09, 2017


Week ago, I watched the second installment to Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy, with a good amount of excitement and expectation because the first movie was good, right? As I sat comfortably on the theater, watched the movie while eating my popcorn and drinking my soda, I laughed so much. I was so mesmerized with how beautiful the visual was. But... as I got home, I had mixed feelings about the story. 

Since the beginning, this franchise is a gamble. While every superhero movie presented their best characters with superpowers, Marvel released talking raccoon, creepy but cute tree with lots of branches, a green Alpha woman, and ex-wrestler with weird tattoos. People were crazy about the first movie because it packed with great visual, perfect humor and interesting story. Least to say, it took Marvel to whole new level of their superhero movies.

Welcome back, Star Lord! 


Thursday, May 04, 2017


It has been nearly two months since 13 Reasons Why aired full episodes on Netflix. The response had been huge internationally. People from all around the world watch and talk about this series - those who have read the book years ago binged to read it again, those who haven't read the book compete to get their hands on the phenomenal book by Jay Asher.

But, unfortunately not every one agree with the idea of showing what it looks like to be bullied and the idea of preventing suicidal in younger viewers. Some people said that, the series is provocative, it glamorizing drugs, bullying, and suicide instead. Some even said the show is dangerous. 

I have read and watched this story and even share my thoughts on both (book review - series review). I love the book. I love the series as well. 

Few weeks ago, I watched an interview of the series cast and creators. I totally agree with the producer that said "People need to gain awareness of how important it is to be understanding towards other people. How important it is to be kind." I totally agree with that.

Bullying, drugs, and suicide are not the new issues. It has been here for so long and people seem to pretend they're not familiar with it. I grew up in a pretty much healthy neighborhood where there's no drug addicts, no bullying, not suicide case. But at school, bullying is real. It happened to me, to everybody else. It could be happen to everyone in different way. 

For me, both the book and the show did not glamorizing anything but to raise awareness of humanity. The show has been truthfully following the original story, although they changed some parts but it's okay. I'm sure I'm not the only one who agree with this. 


Monday, May 01, 2017


Hello May! I can't believe it's already the fifth month in 2017! Where the time goes?!

  1. Always Done What You Say - Aquilo 
  2. Bloom - The Paper Kites 
  3. California Dreamin' - Sia 
  4. Don't Wanna Be Your Girl - Wet 
  5. Fading Through - Wafia feat. Vancouver Sleep Clinic 
  6. I Gave It All - Aquilo 
  7. Never on the Day You Leave - John Mayer 
  8. So Close to Magic - Aquilo 
  9. Taking You There - Broods 
  10. The Cure - Lady Gaga 

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