Friday, November 29, 2019


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Yes, apparently many things you can do when you are sick beside rest. I consider these activities are productive and I promise you it won't take up much on your energy. Are you kidding? We need more rest! Before you do this activity, make sure you have something to snack on and a cup of tea. 

Build your dream house 

HAHA, of course not. I mean, create a Pinterest board about your dream house. Start with your colour palette, the theme of your house, the size of it. When you have a chance, you can start decorating and no need to hire an interior designer because you have your own inspiration board. I can spend an hour-long just to scroll and pin some ideas to my board. It will be fun! Also, see how long you're invested on that. 

Write something

You can write whatever you want: just write one or two sentences that always been on your mind like ideas, who knows maybe it could be a novel. Or itinerary for future travel references which will be very useful and make your life easier when the time comes. Or start a blog, maybe you're going to like it! I've been this sick for almost a month now and I invest my time on blogging and finding some ideas. 

Read a book 

Sometimes, in our day to day life, it's hard to put reading time on our schedule. So use this time to read that novel you bought, I don't know, last year? If it is too hard to read a book, try to read a magazine, or even just one article. You'll be happy to know that at least you're doing something productive in a day even on your sick day. 

Watch a movie or maybe a series? 

Start to catch up on movies or series that you've always been wanting to see. Whenever I'm sick, I use this opportunity as a me-time. I can just stay on my bed with my snack watching Netflix all day. However, don't watch a heavy themed movie or series, just something easy or no brainer like comedy movies or series. Need a recommendation? If you haven't, start watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. That series is my go-to whenever I'm in a bad mood or my worst day. Of course, it will be lifted up my mood on my sick days. Not productive? Think again. 


If all fails, just take a good nap. Your body gives so many signs of how you should be taking rest more but sometimes, we did not listen. This is the time when you should listen and obey what it wants. 

I hope you feel better soon! Xx 

Love, Vera

Thursday, November 28, 2019


When was the last time I wrote a post about books? I hardly remember! I've read some books, more than 13 books last year and 5 books this year so far (I wanted to read more but I worked on my thesis so basically had no social life or me-time). 

So, I want to share some of my favourite dystopian books I've read. Hopefully, this post gives you inspiration on what to read next! 


Wednesday, November 27, 2019


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So, this is not a regular throwback review, but I thought it would be fun to share. Last night, I rewatched Twilight and I had so many thoughts. Like, seriously, I'm an adult now, most of them were so different from what I thought when I was a diehard teenager Twilight fan - Twihard. 

  1. The first scene was on spot dramatic - talking about death already!! 
  2. I almost forgot how extremely awkward the conversation between Charlie and Bella was. All the darn time. 
  3. I actually love how natural Bella's makeup is. I barely see any, probably just tinted moisturiser, eyebrows and mascara? 
  4. Ew Jacob, put that wig down! 
  5. The 'Bella's first day at school' was pretty much the typical first-day scene at high school on every America's teen's drama/rom-com. The new girl, the It-girl, the It-boy, the talker, and the shy girl. Ugh. 
  6. Also, Twilight is the peak of 2008. 
  7. HAHA, Anna Kendrick! 
  8. Ooh... here comes the Cullens! 
  9. Of course, the It-girl was the one who explained everything to the new girl. OF COURSE. 
  10. But, tbh, good introduction.
  12. I still remembered how excited I was to see Edward for the first time. Low key still is now.
  13. Edward's first reaction was hilarious: he acted as if Bella was smell really bad and then dude stared real hard. Like, Edward, chill, you're a weird man!
  14. Can we appreciate how Twilight soundtrack went harder than it should be? LIKE DAMN!
  15. Also, Robert Pattinson is so good in this movie - franchise, period. Even in a plain grey shirt. 
  16. Have I mentioned how beautiful the Cullen family was? Yes. They were like on the top gorgeous vampires. 
  17. The empty, grey sky, deserted beach. Why do you even want to go there? 
  18. The 'cat' guy! Why is he looked so familiar? 
  19. Okay. So, the reveal scene was kinda... odd! What if Edward wasn't a vampire but just normal, seventeen-year-old? What if he was just messing with Bella and acted so weird to get her attention? Can you imagine how hilarious it would be when out of nowhere for one second Bella thought he was Superman and the next minute she confronted and said he was a vampire? Gosh, Bella. You watched too many movies!
  20.  "My own personal brand heroine" and they were just met two weeks ago? 'Kay. 
  21. Man oh man, Edward in a blue shirt. Thank God for the wardrobe team. 
  22. Charlie Swan is iconic. Yes, is. 
  23. Bella was a real, dumb, teenage girl. First, she fell in love in two weeks to a 180-year-old vampire. Second, she was willing to come to a house full of vampires? Third, she was also really great at making a bad decision from one to another. 
  24. I like how the fight scene was badly staged. 
  25. So funny that Bella's parents were kinda okay when Edward (and the Cullens) blamed everything on her clumsiness. I mean, felt of the stairs and crushed the windows? Wow. 
  26. Praise to whoever chose Edward's entire wardrobe. He looked so good in that suit!
  27. I love the dance scene with the beautiful song from Iron & Wine. So sweet yet romantic. 
  28. Oh, love me some twist in the ending! 
  29. I forgot how cute the credits were!
  30. You know what, no matter how dumb this movie was, I still love it ;) 

Ps: of course I'm watching New Moon after this! 

Love, Vera


Tuesday, November 26, 2019


I'm a huge fan of face mist! I use it before I start my skincare routine and after I do my makeup. Those two times is the must. I found with always using a face mist on your skincare routine gives you more moisture and prepares your skin for the next product you're about to put in. Also, if you spray a bit after you do your makeup, it will set your makeup in place and prevent your makeup from cracking and looking powdery. 

So here are my favourite face mists so far! 
  1. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater 
  2. Caudalie Grape Water 
  3. Lush Eau Roma Water Toner Water 
  4. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea
  5. Evian Facial Spray 

What's your favourite face mist? 

Love, Vera 

Monday, November 25, 2019


Hai! Hari ini aku ingin berbagi dengan kalian tentang lipstick yang biasanya aku pakai untuk sehari-hari. Daily makeup aku itu selalu natural dan hampir seperti no-makeup makeup. Aku kurang suka tampil dengan riasan tebal kecuali kalau aku memang ada acara seperti kondangan atau parties. Biasanya aku bahkan hanya mengisi alis, pakai concealer di bawah mata dan terakhir lipstick. Mudah, kan? Warna yang aku pilih untuk lipstick-ku pun condong ke warna merah muda atau nude pink hanya untuk memberi kesar fresh dan awake.

Here are my top 5 everyday lipsticks! 


Friday, November 22, 2019


Anxiety free! 
  1. Blood Bank - Bon Iver
  2. Clouds - Before You Exit
  3. Dreams Tonite - Alvvays 
  4. Falling in Love - Cigarettes After Sex
  5. Falling Like the Stars - James Arthur
  6. Favourite Dream - The Careful Ones
  7. Into the Sea - Aidan Hawken
  8. Seattle Waltz - Benjamin Francis Leftwich
  9. Silver Lining - Mt. Joy
  10. Youth - Ásgeir

Thursday, November 21, 2019


I've been feeling under the weather for the last two and a half months. I'm getting treatment and such so now I'm getting better but still in a lot of pain especially in the chest and head. During those months I also had to out and about and of course, I did not want to be seen as a sick, pale girl. I found some ways that worked to hide my sickness. 


Wednesday, November 20, 2019


I did not plan to say anything or even explain any of this but this morning, I received two emails saying that they missed my Instagram story, how my story helps them to feel less alone, help to distract them from their loud voices and such. 

I haven't posted any story for almost a week. I have logged out from Instagram and Twitter because I want peace. To be honest, I have been so anxious and insecure about myself for so long because of social media but I love how I can communicate with my friends all around the world through Instagram. 

Social media has brought so many positivities to my life. One of my long-time internet friends, Francesca, she lives in Dubai now and we've been catching up a lot through DM. We met through Twitter - she lived in Italy then and I was just an Indonesian girl. Who would thought that a girl who lived in Italy would communicate with a girl who lived in Indonesia? 

When I was opened up about my experience about an abusive relationship, so many people reached out to me (my Instagram is open for the public) and shared their own stories. To me, I feel so motivated and less alone and goodness, they are too! We bonded through experiences and stories and for God's sake, that is a good cause! 

However, social media also full of toxic. I'm pretty much an open book. Some people said that they can tell whether I am in a good mood or bad mood based on my Instagram story. They said they can tell how my life has been doing through my Twitter. 

That's wrong. So wrong.

What I posted on social media is what I want people to see. Most of the time, when I was lost control, I was just expressing how I feel but no more. I will never share my personal life on social media - even when I shared my experiences, I did not directly point out to those people who involved. My openness became a boomerang for me. People feel entitled to my life and honestly, I regret so many things in my life and opened up to some people is one of them. 

I am taking a break from social media (Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr) not because I did not love the advantages of them anymore but because at some point, they ruin me. They just add more on my anxiety and depression, just like a catalyst. 

I will still be blogging, of course. There's no way I will stop blogging unless I have writer's block (should not making an excuse but hey, life happens). Not sure when I will come back to social media, maybe sooner, or later, who knows? 

I'm slowly learning that even if I react, it won't change anything. It won't make people suddenly respect me, or magically change their minds. Maybe it's better to just let things be and step back. Maybe it's better to put my mind on what happens inside me instead. Not that I no longer care but to be selfish for your own sanity is also a self-care.

Until then. 

Love, Vera

Saturday, November 09, 2019


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Directed by Australian director, David Michôd, The King is a historical drama based on Shakespeare's play titled Henry V. As a Netflix original movie, I'd say this is a high-quality movie that we always need.

As a historical tale, this movie is a very enjoyable one although they are still using classical language with Shakespearean dialect. As someone whose first language is not English, I can understand most of what the characters say and even pick up some French too (although I did not understand any of it, I can hear them clearly). I assume it is safe to say that The King is a contemporary spin on the poetic, classical play. 

This movie focuses on the evolution of young Prince Hal (Timothée Chalamet), the firstborn with the reputation of his drinking and partying habits, mostly avoiding his responsibilities, to become a great King after his father died of illness, King Henry IV (Ben Mendelsohn). 

Timothée's portrayal of debauched young Prince to fearless warrior King is truly iconic! The openness of his character's emotion is fascinating to watch. The ability to make a connection with the audience with his eye gaze when he is looking or thinking, or even when he's doing nothing, is just pure talent. 

Storywise, although this movie has a relatively complicated plot but it is still enjoyable and interesting. Some scenes are too great for their own good. One of my favourites is the battle. It starts with Prince Hal's speech and dear Lord, the speech is so beautiful it hurts. Knowing that in this battle - in every battle, there will be blood and death, the young Prince is very encouraging and honest to his people. He did not ask them to battle for him but for the country. This is also the best of Timothée in this movie. 

The King is also pretty funny for a historical drama. The funniest scene is when the Dauphin (Robert Pattinson) shows up and out of nowhere mocking Prince Hal's genital (I'm trying to make this blog PG-13, okay). With his strange but funny French accent, Robert is just perfect for this role. For God's sake, he's about to play Batman and in this movie, he's a total idiot! I'm so glad I'm alive in this era, truly. 

However, in 140 minutes runtime, I feel like this movie still need more important and interesting content rather than what it has. Some scenes can be difficult to watch, some are just unnecessary, but overall it is a nice, enjoyable historical drama. 

Love, Vera
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