Sunday, April 27, 2014


I posted a selfie on instagram & tumblr and some anonymous asked me to do makeup tutorial for this look. I'm not confident enough to make a video tutorial but hopefully, this text post will helps you ;) 

no filter. I hate filters.
This look is basically almost my "on to go look" because it's very simple and not too much for me. I don't do my makeup every single day, well, in reality I'm 95 % bare face and four eyes, maybe only put lip gloss or mascara, but really, I don't do my eyebrows or do eye makeup very often.
I do my makeup when I have an event to attend, hanging out with friends or family, or... whenever I'm in a mood to take a selfie with makeup on. Yeah, you know... 


I watched Locke on last friday with my sister after I finished tutoring Kim Hyeong Soo, a Korean student who study Indonesian language on my campus. Actually, we got the tickets for free. My sister lucky enough to win a twitter quiz from Cinemags & Jive Movies. Who doesn't like free movie tickets anyway? 

After picked up the tickets at Cinemags Office, we headed to Blitzmegaplex (Paris Van Java) and I got really excited because I love Tom Hardy!!! and the fact that he played a one man show performance like Ryan Reynolds on Buried made me more excited. I think, being the single actor on a movie is really hard. Of course the movie maker added phone call or flash back, but, it's just an addendum. 


Saturday, April 19, 2014


When it comes to music, it relates to current mood. Well, at least, for me. I never start a day without my playlist. I change my playlist a lot, it usually contains new songs I've been loving currently or old songs - not too old - I always love back. Yeah you know, we always back to our favorites, right?

So, I've updated my playlist and I can't stop listening to it!! Mostly are new songs, others are not-too-old songs which I always love and back to it after 'break' for awhile. I hope this list can helps you to find out what song you're going to download or purchase ;)


Saturday, April 05, 2014


I watched this second movie for Captain America yesterday with my sister and we're excited because, we all do like superhero movie with that face, right? I love all Marvel's movie. Who doesn't? Despite their terrible CGI and 3D effect, and inequality in the distribution of duties / tasks / roles, whatever, on The Avengers, it still all about Iron Man thou. I think, this movie get any better than the others. 

This post may contains spoiler and for those who haven't watch this movie yet, feel free to close your tab. You don't wanna know the twist, any scene that I might be tell or even the ending, before you watch and enjoy it yourself. 

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