Thursday, June 30, 2016


Congratulations for all freshmen and welcome to college life! 

I think the best advices I've ever got and the one that I'd love to share with all newly college students out there. Here we go! 

  1. Be yourself. You will meet new friends and that will be so many! You will be surprise how many people you will meed in a day. Whatever it is, do not ever be somebody you're not. Always stay true to yourself, be you is the best you can always do. 
  2. Have a wide perspective - be open minded. You don’t know the kind of home life your fellow newly students are leaving behind or the environment they grew up in or what experiences they’ve been through. Be friendly and nice. It costs 0 to be a nice person. 
  3. Be involve. Go to welcome events, orientations, involvement fair, or whatever event your campus have. This one is something I regret a bit because I didn't involve much when I was in freshmen. I think it will be very fun to be really involve with college activity. 
  4. Always go to class. Your college life is not about hanging out with your new cool friends, right? It's all about to get educated and have degree behind your name. 
  5. Buy the books. This is important. Some people said it's okay to borrow from your seniors or from the library. But for me personally, have your own book is more comfortable and also will be very useful in the future. You never know what might happens in the future, you might take parallel classes to certain subjects or you'll need it for your undergraduate thesis. Note: buy your books after you attend those classes. Lecturers will give your references what books you should have. 
  6. Work hard but know GPA is not everything. This is probably the most important from above all. You have to understand and learn to balance when and why you have to study hard and of course, have time to chill and hang out with your friends. Your work hard will mostly always pays off in the end but remember, GPA is not the dead end answer. Work as hard as you can and do your absolute best, but know that that may mean a C or a B or an A-. That's totally fine and you are not alone. Every one has their down times. That's normal. That's life. 
  7. Ask for help. If you're struggling in certain classes or subjects, you're welcome to ask your lecturers or their assistants to ask out of class. They will be happy to help you. It shows that you're trying your best in their classes. You'll have 2 bonuses, first you'll understand. Second, your lecturers most likely will remember the ones who work hard. 
  8. Always take notes in every class. You can't remember everything and that's why notes and pen are invented! So stop being lazy and write. You have that fancy binder so why leave it blanks? You will be so thankful if you always take note, in the end when you're about to have final exams, you don't have to read from the whole book, take a look at your notes will do the job! 
  9. Always make time for yourself. Either it is going to your favourite coffee shop or watching movies or maybe shopping or stay at home, getting your pamper routine done. Whatever makes you happy and relax. You deserve it!
  10. Last but not least, enjoy it. You'll have less stress, less drama in life if you stop overthinking about everything and learn how to enjoy every little thing. Be grateful and be happy. 

Good luck! Xx

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