Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Hello beautiful people out there!! 

This is not like my usual post, but after years and years I finally come to a moment where I need things to be spoken. 

Sejak pertama kali aku punya media sosial seperti Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, dan banyak lagi, aku sering update pakai bahasa Inggris dan believe it or not hal kecil seperti itu membuat banyak orang merasa untuk memberi kritik yang sama sekali tidak membangun. 

"Kamu update status kayak Agnes Monica ya bahasanya, campur-campur pake bahasa Inggris." 

"Wah, sekarang udah jago bahasa Inggris jadi lupa bahasa Indonesia ya?" 

"Sok Inggris padahal belom tentu bener" 

"Bahasa Inggris masih acak-acakan kok sok-sokan" 

"With blog nya pake bahasa Inggris ya? udah jago lo?" 

dan banyak lagi kalimat pedas lainnya yang sampai ke telingaku. Lucu ya? Atau merasa heran karena kenapa orang kok ribet banget ngurusin masalah orang lain. 

That's society, guys :) 

Awalnya aku nggak merasa harus "mengklarifikasi" karena sebenarnya apa yang mereka bilang juga nggak ada yang benar sama sekali. Aku bukan copy cat Agnes Monica, karena aku adalah orang yang sangat tidak suka diikuti dalam hal apapun, bukan bermaksud sok original tapi menurut aku, menjadi diri sendiri adalah hal yang sangat penting. Untuk apa berpura-pura jadi orang lain? 
I have so many reasons why I often use English on my social medias, especially on my blog 

Monday, March 30, 2015


I've been waiting this book for so long and finally, the wait is over. To be honest, I didn't know that The Glam Guide came to Indonesia's bookstores nearly in the same day as UK launching because I've been looking in every bookstore's website and the results was nothing. 

Right before I decided to buy online, I went to the Books & Beyond to buy some stationary and notebook, didn't mean to buy book because I just bought some new books, and I saw this beautiful book in the rack. I was so happy! 

The stationary and notebook long forgotten, I brought this book to the cashier and went to the Starbucks because to be honest, I can't wait anymore!

The Glam Guide is the first book written by one of my favourite beauty bloggers/vloggers, Fleur De Force. I've been following her in youTube since 2012 and yes, I love her videos. When I knew she's writing a book, I couldn't be more excited. In videos, she talks about makeup, fashion and lifestyle really well, like a professional. Not only beauty videos, but also, her vlogs are always amazing. Whenever I watch her vlogs, it feels like I watch reality show. 


Sunday, March 29, 2015


I start to work on my undergraduate thesis this month and also teach at high school, so it's kinda busy month for me. 

Music is one of those life essentials. My playlist changes every month (sometimes it's every week) depends on my mood and this month, what I need in my playlist are songs that really spice up my mood but also have calm / relaxing songs. 

PS : some songs are new (to me) and some are the songs that I falling in love back

  1. Baby I'm Yours - Arctic Monkeys 
  2. Budapest - George Ezra
  3. Brooklyn Baby - Lana Del Rey
  4. Calgary - Bon Iver 
  5. From Where You Are - Lifehouse 
  6. Happy Mistakes - Heffron Drive 
  7. Ho Hey - The Lumineers 
  8. Lean On Me - J2 feat Sizzy Rocket
  9. Let's Pretend - Charity Vance
  10. Picture Perfect (Acoustic) - Charity Vance
  11. Raised On It - Sam Hunt 
  12. Show Me - Big Time Rush 
  13. Thank You - Alanis Morissette 
  14. This Is What Makes Us Girls - Lana Del Rey
  15. Wildfire - John Mayer 

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Back when I was 4 year old little girl, I dreamt about being a Princess but I guess it happened to everybody else. I imagined my home is a castle and I would meet my Prince Charming one day. I always get a beautiful dress like a Princess every year for my birthday until I was 7. It was because my parents knew that I loved being princess-y. 

Since I was a little girl, I always being a girl who loves dress, makeup (I love watching my Mom does her makeup) and every birthday party, I asked my Mom to do my makeup a little bit so I felt like a real princess. Everyone knew that. Even my Dad called me 'Little Princess' until I was 6 and stopped calling me like that after my sister was born because I didn't want to be a 'little princess' anymore, I wanted to be a princess. 

My parents knew my taste really well. I wasn't a little girl who played with kids in her age, played some outdoor games and stuff. I preferred to stay at home, built my own castle, or watched movies. My Dad got me a bunch of Disney's movies and it ended up making me anti social for awhile (but honestly, I regret nothing). 

Cinderella is one of my favourite princesses. Her kindness and big heart taught me to do the same. So glad that Disney brought it back in live action and did a really great job. 



I joined "Nonton Bareng Insurgent with Initiates Bandung & Cinemagz Magazine" week ago. It was okay but I hoped they could manage it better. 

To be completely honest, I don't have a big hope for Insurgent, the second movie from Divergent franchise because the first movie is quiet disappointing for me. I'm a big fan for the book, I read all of them and definitely one of my favourite books. But for this second movie, I can say that it's visually better than the first one. It's good if you haven't read the book. 


Friday, March 27, 2015


When it comes to skin care, I always be the one who really selective. My skin is really sensitive, combination of dry and normal. It's hard to find skin care products without making my skin ridiculously red or making it drier. I almost never changed my skin care because I think skin care is not something to try on but something to stick into. 

So without any further do, here's my version of skin care routine that really helps to make my skin looks better :



I just realized I haven't done this blogpost for a really long time. I think the last time I did was earlier 2014.

So, I got this shoulder bag in early March when I went to H&M my friends. I really love this bag because it's not too big and not too small either, and I literally use this bag every time I need to go out like shopping, hanging out with friends, whenever I don't have to bring so many things. It's perfect for go to bag.

Without any further do, let's get started ;)

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