Sunday, June 26, 2016


real question: 

as i read from your blog and tumblr, you're a very kind, sweet and friendly person. you seem a talkative one too! ever think about making youtube channel? i think you have personality for that!

I got this question quite often actually, but never understand why. Honestly, I never thought about making a youtube channel publicly - I mean I have an account but never post anything except liking videos from people I followed.

For now, I enjoy blogging and sharing a bit on my snapchat. Making youtube videos such a big deal I think. I also not confident enough for making contents. I'm not good enough on editing and adjust camera and lighting and stuff like that. It also seems taking more time than blogging and to be honest, I'm kinda in between busy and not busy. lol. Right now, I'm focusing on making good content for my blog and also preparing my graduate school. I'm not gonna say I won't making youtube videos, that's possible but right now, I haven't thought about it.

Thanks for reading! Xx. 

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