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real questions: 

hi vera! i'm going to be a college student this year and i found myself worried about my relationship with all of my friends. i love all of them and we have a good friendship but i know when we're in college, some of our friends are going to be growing apart and we're not going to be the same person anymore. i don't want it to happen but at the same time, i knew it is what it is. so how do you keep in touch with your other friends? are you growing apart with them or nothing change? thanks xx. 

Well, honestly this was one of many things I was worry about back when I graduated from high school. I have so many friends and I love hanging out with them. It felt weird to be apart from them  at first, but at the same time it was so exciting to meet so many new friends with so many different cultures. I love making friends so maybe that was why I was so excited. 

How to keep in touch? You don't have to worry much about this. The transition from high school to college is real. It is there and you'll realise it in second you step into college life. You will meet so many new friends, you're going to have so many new activities and believe me, you will enjoy it. There are so many people who just click with you the second you guys talk, but sometimes it takes time to click with those people. It is what it is, right? Your best friends are going to experience the same thing with you. You will need time to adapt on your new life, new environment, new friends so do your best friends

Some people will take time for their new life. They need time to adapt. In this case, they tend to slightly staying away from their old friends but you have to remember, it doesn't mean they forget you. They just need more time to be involved in their new environment. 

But, of course, let's be real, some people are just full of shit. They said they wouldn't change but they did. You don't have to be surprised. Actually, they're not changed, their masks are just fell off. I believe you already know which one are those people. It actually easy to guess. Those who are so easily change their minds are the ones. 

For me personally, friendship is not about how long you've been together but how good you've been together. In high school, sometimes we're so blind with how cool, how great it is to have squad. The older you get, the more you realise some people are really good for you, they encourage you to do things you never thought about, but some people are just toxic. 

Remember, real friends are growing up together, not growing apart. 

My way to stay in touch with my best friends are by using my phone. That's the easiest way. I text them, I call them, even we're doing video call or group call. This way, you'll also notice which one of your friends who needs time to adapt, who slightly stay away, or even, who surprisingly no longer care about your friendship. Those who cares as much as you do will make time for you no matter how busy they are, no matter how many new friends they've made. 

When text or phone call has been made, it usually leads to meet up. This is so important for me. You'll see who can keep their promise and who always cancel the plan for another plan. It hurts at first, but we have to own a wide perspective for everything. Maybe those friends who no longer friendly are not the right people for your life. Those who don't bother to make time for you don't deserve your time either. Karma is a bitch. 

Don't let negativities consume you, you better to focus on positivities you have and enjoy your life. College is fun and you'll enjoy it! 

Thanks for reading and good luck! Xx. 


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