Thursday, January 26, 2017


Greeting all Sherlockians out there! 

I thought today I want to solve cases because now that the long awaited series 4 is finished, I think it's the best time to share everything so we don't get death threats. Alright, shall we begin? 

A little disclaimer, all theories are mine. If there's mistake, that's on me. Maybe I missed some things. Also, this post might be very long.


Thursday, January 12, 2017


Hello, Everyone! 

Happy new year! What a great clean slate we have right here! *totally skeptical because it's already two weeks and all I do is only sitting on the couch watching series* 

First of all, I really want to apologize for being such a terrible blogger. also not replying to those messages on my tumblr. Not trying to make excuses but... I've been enjoying spend my time with my family and friends, catching up to things I left behind and of course, put everything in my life back together because you know, quarter life crisis. 

Second of all, my computer broke. True story. That was a nightmare because it decided to be broken when I was on my final exams, I still working on the last two exams. I was so stressed out! And... It's hard to not working on my laptop because all I have left is the PC that is two hundred years old *being dramatic per usual* so hard to export pictures, so yeah... it's okay. it's gonna be fine.


On the bright side, I managed to catch up on so many TV series. By the time I realized that I watch too many, I decided I want to share with you guys! I like to share, remember?

So, here are my best 5 TV series. Enjoy ;)

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