Tuesday, June 30, 2015


To end my review in the month of June, I thought I'd share my first 50 random facts about me ;)


Sunday, June 28, 2015


The 5th Wave is an AWESOME sci-fi read!  

I’ve always been interested in aliens, and who isn’t? It’s scary to imagine contact with other another species, especially one that might be inimical. There are million theories about what will happen and what they’ll want. But, I think that if there are aliens out there, Rick Yancey’s vision may not be so far from the truth. Everything is logical and explained, which makes it all the more terrifying!

I wish I read this book SOONER! 
The plot is brilliant! Perfectly paced and really smart. It alternates between suspense, action and character development. You never know what’s going to happen next and are continually blown away by each new expansion. It gets inside your head in a paranoia inducing way. Reading the 5th Wave is a little like watching a lion chase it’s prey. You want to look and you don’t. You want to keep reading because you are hooked but don’t because you’re afraid something bad will happen to a character you like.


Saturday, June 27, 2015


As I get older, I realise that my fashion style, makeup and nail polish are change. I used to love super bright colour like shocking pink or metallic nail polishes but now, I prefer to use basic and classic colour such as nude colour.

I'm not a big fan of pale nail polish because my skin is so pale so I need something to add some colour but now, my nail polish stash barely touched. I prefer to use classic french manicure or O.P.I tickle my france-y, or going with classic red but then I get bored and it finally came to decision to try out nude colour. 

I found this beautiful girl, Revlon Nail Enamel in Elegant. This is such a beautiful nude colour but what makes it even more beautiful is, it doesn't make my skin look paler but fresh and healthy.

The formula is thicker than I thought it would be. I only use two coats and the colour is already pop, to make it shinier, I use the top coat. I think this is the perfect shade for people with pale skin like I do. And also, it applies very easy! 

One thing that I don't really like is it dry longer than other Revlon's nail polish. But it doesn't matter, because for me, to apply nail polish we need to have enough time to achieve perfect result. My tips, to make nail polish dry faster, soak your fingers into cold water for about 3 or 4 minutes long. Not only faster but also, it prevent your nail polish chip.

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Friday, June 26, 2015


I don't have any high hopes for such a disaster movie firstly because some of them are have no sense and so illogical. Secondly, the plot is always guessable. So, the reason why I watch this movie because it is available at 4DX-3D cinema at Blitzmegaplex. It should be good, right? 

Needless to say, it is surprisingly good! 

More to say, let me explain ;) 

PS: this post maybe contains some spoilers. If you haven't watch the movie, feel free to leave. I know everyone hates spoilers. Ciao! 


Thursday, June 25, 2015


In this month of June, I clearly need songs that can boost my mood. I'm in the process of working on my undergraduate thesis (the deadline freaks me out!!) so wish me luck! This is not a secret that everyone through a phase where thesis can really stressful! 

Here's my playlist that really boost my mood! 

  1. Bounce - The Cab
  2. Elevate - Big Time Rush 
  3. Lone Ranger - Rachel Platten
  4. Nobody Like You - Katelyn Tarver 
  5. One Track Mind - Heffron Drive
  6. Shoot Love - Maroon 5 
  7. Show Me - Big Time Rush 
  8. The Youth - MGMT 
  9. Weekend Millionaires (Young Bomb Remix) - Katelyn Tarver 
  10. Windows Down - Big Time Rush 
  11. Work Song - Hozier 

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Grew up with parents who love movies, Jurassic Park franchise was a part of my childhood things. Until now, we still have VCDs and Laser Discs, those are still safe in our movie collection shelf. I was so familiar with dinosaurs and even have the miniatures which now belongs to my nephew. 

When I heard about the newest movie from the franchise, I was more than excited! I watched the first teaser trailer year ago (yes, what a freaking teaser!) and totally knew that this movie will be in my 2015 movie list.

Stepping into a cinema to watch Jurassic World is like stepping into an amusement park, full of excitement yet anxiety! 

Here are thoughts that I had while I finally sat on 4DX-3D cinema to enjoy the ride to Jurassic World ;) 


Wednesday, June 03, 2015


to end my May posts, I wanna share with all of you beautiful people one of my best lifetime experience. 

Sejak Februari 2015, untuk memenuhi salah satu mata kuliah di semester akhir dan juga memenuhi persyaratan sidang skripsi, aku dan teman-teman satu angkatan menjalani PPL atau Progam Pengalaman Lapangan atau singkatnya, mulai mengajar di sekolah-sekolah. 

I was lucky enough to be back to my old high school, where I can meet my teachers and feel free to recall my high school memories. 

Mengajar atau menjadi guru sama sekali bukan salah satu cita-citaku sejak kecil. Long-short story, I ended up here. Semalam sebelum mulai mengajar or PPL day 1, aku takut setengah mati! Gila, takutnya bukan main. 



Whenever I'm late, I always grab these 5 magic products to save my day. The products below are in my opinion quiet good and stay almost 12 hours without giving me oily shiny look during the day. 

  • Concealer: Revlon Colorstay Concealer
I use this concealer to cover dark circles under my eyes and the redness that I have. This product is surprisingly good. It is very similar to Maybelline Fit Me Concealer but the formula is lighter so I think it's perfect if you don't have much skin problem. Note: use the shade that really close to your natural skin tone or at least 1 shade lighter than your skin. Mine is 02 Light.

  • Powder Foundation: Revlon Two Way Powder Foundation 
My life saver! This compact powder is definitely my holy grail face powder! I have no idea what they put in here but the formula is such an amazing thing I've ever tried. I've used this powder foundation for half year and so far, I don't have any problem with it. It gives a light coverage and also gives you natural fresh looking face. Note: use the shade that really close to your natural skin colour to get perfect coverage. Mine is 01 Ivory

  • Mascara: Benefit They're Real Mascara
Don't pass on mascara! It can make you look much more wake up and makes your eyes bigger and POP! If there's any makeup that I can't live without, it is mascara. Call me mascara freak because I am. Note: don't forget to curl your lashes first and add a generous amount of the products to make your lashes ticker and longer.

  • Blusher: Silkygirl Shimmer Duo Blusher
For someone who has pretty much pale skin, blush is a mandatory. For everyday use, I like to use something that really soft and light tone like this blush. This is a local product and I think pretty good for such a cheap product. Note: I'm not sure if this product still available at the counter or drugstore, I got this blusher 1,5 years ago. 

  • Lipgloss: Make Over Liquid Lip Colour
Personally, I don't really like super bright lip colour for day time but I need something to make my face fresher and happier (I look like a sick person because I really pale), I choose to use lipgloss which is Make Over Liquid Lip Color in Fructis Peach, the colour is so soft and fresh looking!

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This month, I'm not going to talk about movie because, firstly, I don't watch any movies. Surprise? Yes, you should be because I'm! It's quiet odd for me as a person who claimed as a movie lover. This month of May, I don't have any intention or mood to watch any movies and I don't know why. Secondly, it's boring to talk about movie all the time, right? So, in this post (and yes, I'm fully aware that my may posts are coming up pretty late than usual) I'm gonna talk about TV Shows. 

I have a lot of strange addictions to movie and tv show. I guess because I love watching! And it is obvious to everyone around me and people on the internet. 

  • TV Show 

Talking about tv shows (reality show, talk show, etc), I can say that I'm a huge fan of The Ellen Degeneres Show!! This show is always talkative, communicative, and interesting to watch! Ellen is a truly beautiful person inside and outside. She has this specialty to talk to people in every way, either it is very serious or spill smart jokes! 

The show is pretty much different from other shows I've ever watch. It invites interesting people like celebrities, heroes, or just people who are famous in internet. What I love the most about this show is it always show different side of people, like who really they are. And also, this show inspires people to do the goods. It doesn't show any cheap gossips or rumours.

  • TV Movie 

I like watching tv movies at Lifetime channel. Well, I know they are mostly super super cheesy and easy to guess but hey! We're here talking about good tv movies. 
Some of my favourite tv movies from Lifetime are: 

  1. Dollangager series : Flowers in the Attic, Petals on the Wind, If There Be Thorns, Seeds of Yesterday 
  2. Dead on Campus 
  3. Killing Daddy 
  4. A wife's nightmare 

  • TV Series 

I watch too many tv series! I watch almost every TV series on earth. But don't blame me, my parents and my sister are also enjoy with tv series. So we're basically love watching. 

Some of tv series that I still crazy over are: 
  1. Pretty Little Liars - I know some people stop watching because they got bored to find out who the hell is A but I don't. For me, finding A is one of my life goals. Now, we all know that there's  someone who can be a big A, Charles and I'm dying to know what his motive is!
  2. Supernatural - beside I'd love to see Dean's charming and slay character, I also weirdly enjoy this series with all demons and things gone wrong.
  3. Game of Thrones - I'm all about this kingdom y'all! 
  4. The Flash - can't say I like this series yet, I'm on episode 2
  5. iZombie - woo hoo you go, Rose McIver! She rocks the platinum hair!
  6. Bates Motel - Norman! I don't usually watch twisted family but since Bates Motel (and Dollangager series), I do. 
  7. American Horror Story - can't wait for new season with Lady Gaga on it!!!!
  8. New Girl - this series is getting funnier and more complicated but I really like it!

Also, I'm looking forward for Scream Queens. I watched the trailer and it seems pretty interesting, well sorority is always interesting, right? 

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Tuesday, June 02, 2015


I have to be honest with you... I haven't done reading any book, not even one. The teaching practice and my undergraduate thesis completely taken my time and attention. 

but, it isn't me if I go to the mall and not even checking out the bookstore. So, I thought I'd share some of new books that I bought in between April and May. 

  1. Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins (I bought it online because it wasn't available in any bookstore in my city. Good point is, I got it for 30% off from books & beyond. Such a good deal!)
  2. In a Blue Moon - Ilana Tan 
  3. Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov
  4. The Throne of Fire - Rick Riordan
  5. Wedding Night - Sophie Kinsela 

I also bought Nylon, Cover Girl and Cosmopolitan but magazines are not for reviews LOL!

Currently, I'm reading Anna and the French Kiss because it's on my April wish list and I've been waiting for so long for this book. I promise, I'll try to finish this book and make a review next month!

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