Sunday, December 31, 2017


This will be my last playlist for 2017. It's only the last for many new beginnings. I hope everyone has a great year ahead, hope you all happy and reach your goals. I hope we all loved.

Happy new year! I'll see you next year xx 

  1. All My Love - Imaginary Future
  2. Dream Tonite - Alvvays 
  3. Like Gold - Vance Joy
  4. Mystery of Love - Sufjan Stevens 
  5. Perfect Duet - Ed Sheeran feat. Beyonce
  6. Sampai Jadi Debu - Banda Neira
  7. The Actor - Michael Learns to Rock 
  8. Turning Page - Sleeping At Last 
  9. Tonya Harding (In D Major) - Sufjan Stevens
  10. Warning Sign - Coldplay
  11. Who Are You - Aquilo
  12. Words - F.R. David

Saturday, December 30, 2017


2017 has been a great time for movies. So many amazing movies came out, some of disappointing movies too and please, I don't even want to begin talk about it. Anyway, I had a great time being a movie lover this year, I'm excited for more!

Here are the best movies I've watched in 2017 so far... Honestly there are still so many movies I haven't watched it (those which haven't released in my country yet), but here we go...

  1. Blade Runner 2049
  2. Dunkirk
  3. Call Me by Your Name 
  4. Thor: Ragnarok
  5. Logan
  6. Lady Bird
  7. Wind River 
  8. Wonder Woman
  9. To The Bone 
  10. Split
  11. War for the Planet of the Apes
  12. Alien: Covenant 
  13. A Cure for Wellness 

What's your favorite movie in 2017? Let me know! 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Less than a week, 2017 will be end. This year has been a blast from the beginning. It has my saddest and happiest moments, from worst time of my life to the best ones so far. 

2017 has been a ride. The time of self realization, I've handled things I didn't think I could. I accepted my closed doors, I stepped out from my comfort zone, I said yes to new challenges, and most importantly, I've grown as a person who was no longer pushed myself too much. 

2017 proved that good things really take time. So many ups and downs, tears and laughters, everything mixed beautifully and I'd be forever grateful for this year. It's life changing.

I am happy. 

I am grateful. 

I am excited for more to come in the future.


Monday, December 25, 2017


*written in Indonesian 

Memangnya kalau belum punya pacar tandanya belum move on dari mantan pacar ya?

Ini ga benar sama sekali sih menurutku. Moving on bukan berarti punya pacar baru karena sebenarnya yang sudah punya pacar aja belum tentu sudah move on dari hubungan sebelumnya, kan?  

Aku pernah ada diposisi di mana setiap ketemu teman lama pasti ditanya "Udah punya pacar baru belum?" atau "Masih single aja nih? Kenapa, belum move on ya?" dan banyak lagi variasi pertanyaan  sampai kadang mikir, orang kok ga ada kerjaan mengurusi hidup orang lain? Sejujurnya, pertanyaan-pertanyaan macam gini nih yang bikin aku terkadang malas ketemu teman lama. Bukan karena apa yang mereka tanya itu benar, tapi justru karena ga benar sama sekali dan malas menjawab. Percuma juga kalau aku jawab, mereka pasti mengira aku hanya denial saja. 

Moving on itu kan masalah yang personal ya. Sudah atau belum, itu urusan kita. Perihal punya pacar baru atau belum, itu juga urusan masing-masing dan tidak harus langsung go public, ya kan? 

Enjoy your life. Not every opinion matter :)


how to make sure that I truly fall in love with this person and not the idea of the love I always want? 

I am in no way an expert in love-life, but I'll try my best to differentiate the idea of love and truly being in love with someone. 

Personally, I believe it's because the culture obsession #relationshipgoals that makes us confused of what we really feel. The idea of having so many people obsessed with your relationship, getting praise for being super cute, romantic, and literal goals with our boyfriend/girlfriend, and make people jealous is probably fun way to live. I mean, it must be one of many things of being human that makes us feel proud. 

Not only the whole term of relationship goals, but also the false expectation of love and relationship in general that makes people forget and caught up with the idea of falling in love, not with the person, not with the feeling. 

It's a scary thought, isn't it? 

When we're talking about love, none could explain it rightly. It's an incredibly complex but honestly, in my perspective, we all know how we truly feel. There's no way we can lie to ourselves.

The best way I can explain the difference between just in love with the idea of love and truly being in love with the person is if we keep looking for someone better, it's not true love. 

Because, when you're in love with someone... 

You want this person at their best and worst. There's no urge to change them as how YOU want them to be. In fact, you want this person to evolve as better person because this person helps you to evolve as better, happier person. 

You're not dreaming of better date or expect them to be even more romantic because this person already makes you happy right now. 

When things get tough, you and this person work together as couple, not as individual who only support each other as a mutual friend. Everybody can say be strong but not everyone can giving their power to make other people strong. You don't want to end your relationship because things get tough, but you want both of you working on it because the relationship you both have worths to fight.

Being in love with someone, you can't explain why you love them because you love them as they are. 

Monday, December 18, 2017


What do you know about real life mean girls? 

Here are things I learned from real life mean girls based on my personal experience... 

  1. They hide their insecurities by making other people feel badly about themselves. So don't believe everything you hear. 
  2. Although all opinions should be heard, not each of them matter. There's a thin line between critics and downright mean. If it doesn't help you to grow, to evolve, leave it. You're okay without them. 
  3. There's something about YOU and they feel threatened about it. So be proud of yourself, keep learning to be a better, healthy person inside and out.
Also, there's a lesson behind every struggle. I know it sounds so classic but it's true. Take it as a challenge to be stronger and fight a little harder to be who you are and who you want. Be kind to yourself and everyone. Good luck. 


as I read more and more your blog and your answers on tumblr, even talked to you few times in tumblr dm, I honestly wished you were my sister. We're in the same age but talking to you, I figured you are so mature and wise. what the best advices you would give to your younger sister?

I have two younger sisters and here are my little advices for them... 
  1. It's okay to fail. Growing up, I went through so many failures in order to achieve my dreams. Everybody does. I was so hard on myself and hated when I failed. It's not healthy at all. It led to anxiety and depression and I don't want my sisters push themselves like I was. It's completely okay to fail. Failure is not the end, it's only the tiny part of our success. 
  2. Be brave. Again, learning from my experience. I used to be the person who didn't want to step out from my comfort zone because I was too afraid I would fail. Now, I wished I did what I wanted to back then. As now I'm braver than I used to, it's totally worth to be dare to fight something out of comfort zone. 
  3. Love yourself more. No matter what, always put yourself on top priority. We all are perfectly imperfect. 
  4. Enjoy being young. Seriously, although there are so many fun things being an adult, you're gonna miss the state of being so young and dumb and not worry about adult things. Enjoy it while you can.
  5. I'll always be there. No matter where I am, or where you are, I'll always be all ears, eyes, and heart for you. It doesn't matter if I'm married or moving out to another country, you can always count on me.


Tuesday, December 05, 2017


atas (kiri ke kanan): Sem - Devi - Nurul - Anggi - Monik - Sharah - Aci - Nais - Pey
bawah (kiri ke kanan): Faisal - Senna - Pitri - Ocin - Nike - Hadi 
Weekend lalu saya dan teman-teman kelas C di Sekolah Pascasarjana UPI menghabiskan dua hari satu malam di sebuah vila di kawasan Dago Pakar. Kami merencanakan momen liburan ini cukup singkat sebenarnya dan persiapannya pun tidak terlalu matang, bisa dibilang mendadak juga. Namun, siapa sangka, acara dadakan ini akan saya kenang seumur hidup? 

Kami semua datang dari berbagai daerah dengan karakter dan goals yang berbeda pula, tapi selama hampir satu setengah tahun menjadi teman sekelas, hubungan yang asalnya formalitas sebagai teman sekelas jadi awal mula persahabatan yang bisa dikenang sampai tua. Mungkin saya berlebihan, tapi saya tidak akan menjadi orang yang seperti ini kalau tidak mengenal mereka. Saya yang awalnya tidak berani berbicara di depan umum, lama-lama membiasakan diri untuk berani. Dulu nyali saya ciut dan stress buat merantau walaupun saya ingin sekali dan bahkan sudah diterima di beberapa universitas mancanegara tapi belum berjodoh dan Insha Allah tahun depan merantau ke benua lain, setelah banyak mengobrol dengan teman-teman dari Padang, Medan, Makasar, Jawa Tengah, Jawa Timur, Lampung, Bengkulu, dll.,  saya jadi lebih mantap buat merantau dan merasakan seperti apa hidup sendiri itu. 

Kuliah yang hanya dua hari tidak jadi masalah buat kami, karena setiap harinya ada aja kok yang dijadikan quality conversation ya mungkin sedikit-sedikit ada ghibah-nya :)) Intinya adalah, waktu yang sedikit bukan berarti kami tidak berusaha mengenal satu sama lain. Yang paling penting itu bukan seberapa sering kami menghabiskan waktu bersama, tapi manfaat yang kami dapat dari kebersamaan itu. Personally, aku mendapat banyak teman baik dari berbagai daerah bukan hanya di tempatku tinggal, atau tempatku mencari ilmu. 

Terima kasih kelas C sayang! Semoga kita semua bisa mencapai tujuan masing-masing, semoga lain waktu kita bisa liburan lagi. 

Salam sayang, 

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