Friday, June 24, 2016


WHAT?! This is not fair! This is like I have to choose my children!

Both. I choose both. Basically I love watching superheroes movies so as long as those movies are my cup of tea, I honestly don't really care is it DC or Marvel or anything else.

What I like about Marvel, they are so secretive and creative about their characters development. They created their heroes flawed and their villains heroic and so intelligence (for example, Loki). Their movies are so fresh, not too serious, but also give us 'dat feelings', smart humours, and seriously, good looking villains. What is wrong with Marvel? I'm so caught up by how good looking, vulnerable, and charming Loki is (or Tom Hiddleston, or both!) and even question my humanity because I just... okay with him murdered people. Please don't say I'm alone in this dilemma! 

DC is more mature and more serious. They also take time (like two or three years production) to make one movie because their movies are incredibly perfect. Not much CGI but even if there was, darn it was so flawless. Storyline usually always neat and complicated (except for BvS, that Martha thing really annoyed me!). They don't have much humour but it's fine because their content is not really match with humour, I think. 

Honestly, I can't explain. Seriously that's really bad answer. I can't decide and also can't describe how much I like them both. This is cruel question. lol

Thanks for reading! Xx.

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