Saturday, March 30, 2019


Selamat Hari Film Nasional! 

Walaupun aku jarang membahas tentang film-film karya anak bangsa bukan berarti aku tidak bangga, ya! Jujur, baru beberapa tahun terakhir film Indonesia dengan kualitas baik bermunculan lagi. Dunia perfilman dalam negeri sempat berada dalam titik terbawah karena maraknya film bergenre horor berbau seksual yang sama sekali tidak mendidik. Karena itu pulalah aku jadi sangat skeptis dengan film Indonesia. Sedih!

Tapi... bukan berarti aku tidak punya film kesukaan. Aku punya banyak! 10 film ini adalah film-film yang menurutku film Indonesia terbaik sejauh ini. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Here are some of my current favourite songs. Enjoy! x 
  1. Devil Like Me - Rainbow Kitten Surprise
  2. Ease My Mind - Ben Platt 
  3. Half of Something Else - The Airborne Toxic Event 
  4. Just a Girl - No Doubt
  5. No Such Thing - Sara Bareilles 
  6. On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz 
  7. Patience - Tame Impala
  8. Pretend - CNCO
  9. Sucker - Jonas Brothers
  10. A Song for Everything - Maren Morris

Sunday, March 24, 2019


copyright Marvel Studios
Tesseract might be the only infinity stone that has a very confusing timeline, even for its own good. Before I figured out the timeline that I believe is true, I had to watch all of the MCU movies because I really need to know as a fan, right? 

Here's my best, trying to explain the legendary Tesseract timeline in MCU. Let me know if I missed anything!


Wednesday, March 20, 2019


copyright Marvel Studios
Higher, further, faster, Baby! 

So, have you watched Captain Marvel? If you haven't watched it you may want to stop reading this review because your movie experience is about to ruin with all the spoilers I mentioned. However, if you have watched the latest MCU movie, let's have a good discussion! 

I'm not going to explain who is Captain Marvel and such, I'm just gonna go straight to the review. Alright, buckle up and let's begin!

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