Sunday, September 20, 2020


Hi! How are you doing? Today I'd like to share my weekend playlist - a list of songs that keep me company while I just read a book on my bed all day. Self-care is a must! 

  1. Andromeda - Weyes Blood
  2. Aphrodite - RINI
  3. Can We Kiss Forever? - Kina, Adriana Proenza
  4. Do You Light Up - Dijon
  5. Hello, Anxiety - Phum Viphurit
  6. Open Your Heart - Birdy
  7. Skin - Dijon
  8. The Lakes - Taylor Swift
  9. The Movies - Nightly 
  10. You're All I Want - Cigarettes After Sex


Sunday, September 06, 2020


The best thing about the overnight trip is you spend less time to pack and unpack! I personally love packing but unpacking is another thing. Although it's just for one night, you'll need clean clothes and of course some key toiletries. 

I prefer using a type of duffle bag because it fits everything really well. This handy medium size denim duffle bag from Seed Heritage is so pretty and goes with every outfit! It can be your overnight bag or your sports bag, you choose! 

Are you planning on an overnight trip as well? If so, here's what inside my overnight bag and I hope it gives you an idea on packing yours! Please be considerate while travelling during this pandemic, always wash your hands, stop touching your face, wear facemasks, and bring hand sanitiser with you. 

Ps: I'm not travelling outside the city, it is just a staycation with my family. We booked pretty villa up the hill to refresh our minds. This pandemic really takes a toll on us. 

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