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Hello, everyone! 

Today I wanna share my everyday makeup look using only drugstore products and very low budget! These products I'm showing you are affordable and I'm going to try to make these as multipurpose products. This look is of course is for everyone because it's fresh, very natural but still gives your face definition.

This post is also a part of some kind of collaboration / challenge with my best friend, Asri Nuranisa. She shares bunch of interesting stuffs, you should go check her blog here

All the products are new purchases, the brands are also not something I usually bought. Here are the first impression review and how I make them as multipurpose product!

Wardah DD Cream SPF 30 in Light (Watson, 30K)

What is a DD cream? DD cream stands for Daily Defense cream, means for everyday use contains with moisturising, SPF to protect skin, and also to smooth and balance skin tone. The texture is creamy but light weight. 

First Impression of the product? I really like it actually. The texture is so creamy but very easy to blend on the skin. I feel like I'm using tinted moisturiser instead of foundation. The coverage is very light but build-able, perfect for everyday use. If you're looking for medium to heavy coverage, this one is not for you. The finish look is soft dewy, it boost your skin radiance and even out your skin tone as it claimed. It said works with or without moisturiser before but for me personally, I will never skip moisturiser no matter what. Unless it is tinted moisturiser. 

Wardah Eye Shadow G (Watson, 46K) 

It's pretty good actually. The colour is not really pay off but good. The texture is very powdery and easy to blend, give an softer effect. It comes with three colours on the palette and I think with the size and colour choices, this palette is very handy for travelling. 

Silky Girl Eye Opener Waterproof Mascara (Silky Girl counter, 39.5K) 

I haven't tried any single mascara from this brand. I captured by the 'eye opener' but this product is not good. It's actually very bad quality even in cheapest price for mascara. It doesn't hold the curls, instead it makes my lashes look very wet and horrible. It takes so long to dry. This supposed to be a waterproof but it wear off and smudge so easily! It makes my eyes itchy and burn a little bit. I don't recommend it, although you don't

Silky Girl Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm in Rose (Silky Girl counter, 59.5K) 

This product is surprisingly good! The color is beautiful and pay off, it's quite moisturising although it is not definitely a long wearing lip product. It's very comfortable to wear. I'm not impressed with the packaging, it's similar with Revlon Balm Stain or Clinique Chubby Stick - or is it a trend? For me personally, with this quality, I wish to pay less than this. It's only 30K cheaper than Revlon Balm Stain which is amazing product, so yeah you get the point ;) 

Now, let's hop into the makeup look!

I apply DD cream all over my face and neck to match the skin tone. I also get some more underneath my eyes to cover up dark circles, on my forehead where I have some acne spots (pms sucks!). I like to have only one layer because I want it to be look like my skin. I mean, it's everyday makeup right? You don't want to look cakey.

Next, I'll apply the lightest color on the eyeshadow palette all over my lids to open up my eyes. Then I apply the second color on my crease to give my eyes definition. I apply it on a V shape so it elongates my eyes. For eyeliner, I use the darkest color on the palette, very close to my lash line so it looks natural and flattering. For more definition, you can grab your eyeliner brush, take your mascara and dip the brush to the mascara brush to get the product and apply it as eyeliner. The last step on eye makeup is lashes. Always curl your lashes first then apply mascara. Because mascara I bought in this challenge is doesn't work, it looks bad both as eyeliner and mascara. Sad :(

For my brows, I use the darkest color to fill in so my brows have more definition. This trick is actually really good because with powder, you have more control than using pencil or gel brow products. It looks more natural too.

The key to natural look is dewy finish. You can't get soft dewy look on your cheeks if you apply powder blush. If you don't have cream blush, you can use your lipstick and it works the same! I learn this trick for years and I definitely enjoy it. I find it more flattering than the actual cream blush because lipstick has more pigment. Of course you can't use your liquid lipstick because it would be a disaster. Use creamy texture lipstick, draw three strokes and blend it upward. Voila, you get that natural blush on your cheeks!

Because I love fresh glowing look, I need some highlight. Use the lightest color on the palette on everywhere you want it to be highlighted: on your brow bones, bridge of your nose, cupid bows and of course, cheek bones. Pop up!

Lastly, put some lipstick on and you're ready to go! If you want to make your lipstick appears more natural, tap your fingers and blend it until you get to the point how it looks. And... you're finish!

Thanks for reading! Xx.

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