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Hello, everyone! 

I have so many products and things that I've been into for months now. I think since it's already halfway through 2016, I'd like to share with all of you beautiful people! I have makeup, skin care, fashion and also other random things.

I also want to point out the half of this year is personally not really good. So many heartbreaking moments in both my personal life and what happened in the world. But also, 2016 started with me eliminated negativities out of my life because I feel, I'm too old for dramas but also too young for midlife crisis.

Anyway, let's get started with the real things!

Beauty Favourites

Olay Total Effects 7 in One Gentle Day Cream - this one is so good! I have a sensitive skin and the regular day cream didn't work on me. So I tried this one for the first time three months ago and really love it! It moistures my skin without making it greasy or sticky. It also makes my skin smooth and even out my skin tone. 

Wardah Acne Treatment Gel - I'm quite surprise with how this product works. I never tried Wardah skin care products before until earlier this month, I have acnes around my temple and cheekbone which is a rare thing. It dries out the acnes and works really well! I think this is a great drugstore acne gel out there.

Nivea Soothe & Protect SPF 15 Lip Balm - during the month of Ramadan, my lips were very dry. I ran out of my regular lip balms (L'occitane Lip Therapy and Kiehl's Moisturising Lip Balm) and just give it this drugstore product a go. It turns out that I really love this one better than the Kiehl's one! 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation - I talked about this on my previous post but here's the short review of it. This foundation is seriously an amazing one! It's more expensive than other drugstore foundations (in my country) but worth the money! It is a long lasting wearing foundation, even out the skin tone, a medium coverage, very build-able product and blend flawlessly! It's so light I don't feel anything on my skin. The shade is a bit confusing because it looks similar so I recommend to try on the back of your hand and your jawline. Mine is light vanilla

L.A. Girl HD Pro. Conceal - I bought in two shades in classic ivory, the shade that close to my skin tone and cool tan that dark enough for contour. I love this product! It doesn't cakey, it has great coverage and also very easy to blend! 

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder - Oh my God you guys, where have I been! I seriously regret why I never tried this powder before! It's so light weigh but makes my skin so smooth, close the pores and long lasting! I use the shade transparent because I don't want the powder cover up my foundation and other products I use too much. 

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso - I talk about this blush a lot in the past but after switch up between NYX blush and Revlon, I fall in love again with this blush and use this every single time I put my makeup on. It gives my cheek a soft peachy-soft pink, like I'm blushing. It makes my face looks so fresh and radiant and also gives life to my pale skin. Love this! 

Maybelline The Magnum Barbie Mascara - the hype is real! This mascara gives my lashes length and volume. It makes my lashes bigger like I'm wearing fake lashes. Although it's not a waterproof one, but it doesn't wear off when I take wudhu. Seriously, give this mascara a try and you won't turn to other! 

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Sultry - this one is my go to bold lip colour recently. I have it for a quite long time but never so into until these past two months. It doesn't too bold, but it's quite standout on my pale skin. It goes with every eye makeup and also every outfit I wear. 

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in HD Devotion - I'm not a big fan of liquid lip colour but this one is seriously changed my mind. It doesn't too matte as it claimed, but I really like it. Matte lip colour tends to dry out my lips so this one is perfect. The colour is pay off! I tried it since 8 in the morning, I ate and drank, and it still there until 3 p.m. The applicator is also friendly to use and it smells really good too! 

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Ginger Rose - this one is also my long time favourite lipstick. I have to include this because these past four months, I seriously only switch up between this and the ultra HD. This colour specifically gives compliments on my lips, this is perfect for everyday makeup. I always have it on my makeup bag! 

Fashion Favourites 

Topshop Quilted Faux Leather Biker Jacket - I stepped out of my comfort zone because leather or biker jacket is totally out of my style. I'm super girly, dressy, girl and kinda old school style. I love this jacket, it has a good quality material, comfortable to use and go with everything I have. I'm surprised I like this kind of clothing style because this is totally rock my fashion style. I wear this jacket a lot every since I bought it. I think this one is a good investment too because leather jacket (and also a black one) is never out of time.

H&M Short Pearl Black Stone Necklaces  - I'm not a big fan of short, statement necklace because when I'm wearing hijab, it kinda too much and not matching with each other. I found this last piece of necklace at H&M PVJ Bandung, and this one is perfect for me. It is short but long enough so it doesn't covered up with my hijab. It also doesn't have too much detail and go with every look I want. 

Stradivarius Long Strap Dress in green - this dress is so me! The colour is so beautiful, the pattern is gorgeous and it is so comfortable to wear! It also matches with my Topshop leather jacket perfectly! It has pale pink one on website but I can't find it on store :( 

Music Favourites 

I'm so into Tom Odell's new album, Wrong Crowd. Seriously it is the greatest album in 2016 so far! I can't stop listening to this album ever since I got in on my iTunes! I also really into The Legend of Tarzan official soundtrack by HozierBetter Love. This Irish guy seriously underrated! He has a great voice, great talent on making music, his songs always poetic and deep and I'm in love! Last but not least, I'm so crazily in love with Into You by Ariana Grande. I never fall in love this much to Ariana's songs since One Last Time. This song seriously an amazing one from her new album. The music video is also a plus point because Don Benjamin in it! Lol, no seriously, the music video is literally like a short movie and writing prompts. 

Movie Favourites 

The 5th Wave - This movie came out on January I believe and hence, this was one of the best book to movie adaptations I've ever seen. I love the book, I also love the movie. Although I disagree with one actor choice to play this important character, I can live with that. I hope they'll make the second movie!

Full review here.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (extended version) - All the internet drama about Martha is real. Gotta be honest, I agree too. But, as a someone who loves watching movie so much, I'm more concern to characters, storyline, and the production more than just one flaw that really bother the internet so much. Character development on Clark Kent/Superman is an amazing one thou. He became hero now despite he denies it for years. The introduction to new characters like Batman and Wonder Woman and the villain, Lex Luthor is so incredible for me, it serves very neat and deep without being pretentious. I love this movie. For me, it deserves higher rating than it has right now.

Full review here.

Captain America: Civil War - You know how much I love this movie, right? This is the best Marvel's movie I've ever seen and I'm not gonna regret saying it. Characters development, storyline, the production, everything is just in the perfect place. I love how this is not about politic but about brotherhood, about the strong bond of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers friendship and Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. This movie is actually about how Tony doesn't want to see Steve hurts and leave The Avengers, on the other side, Steve doesn't want Bucky gone again. He feel obligated to save Bucky like how Bucky always save him in the past. This is a beautiful brotherly friendship between superheroes and I really love it!

Full review here

Finding Dory - I love every single minute of this movie! This movie in some ways bring so many good reason to always help each other. The friendship between Dory, Marlin and Nemo is so strong and they don't even realise it until Dory is missing. How much Dory trusts them because he can't trust  his own memory. This movie is very entertaining even for grown ups! 

The Legend of Tarzan - Alexander Skarsgard, abs, Margot Robbie and animals. This movie brings back my childhood but also company me to grow up. Why? Because this is not the movie about 'Me Tarzan You Jane' anymore, this is about John Clayton comes back to the jungle, a place where he grew up, about he protects his animal family, about he saves his strong and fierce wife. I love how Alex can portrays John and Tarzan at the same time, how modest he is a Tarzan and how dangerous he is as John.

Full review here.


I'm so into HIIT workout ever since January. It is a perfect workout for me although I don't choose the hard one because I have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy so I choose low impact ones. My routine usually (at least) 30 minutes a day. I workout at home by watching YouTube videos, my favourite is Fitness Blender.

Thanks for reading and I hope each of you have amazing times for the rest of the year!

Love, Vera

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