Saturday, July 23, 2016


Hello, everyone! 

Few days ago, I was talking with my best friend on the phone for almost 4 hours. He is a very dear friend to me, we've known each other since high school. I can talk with him about anything I like, even those TMI facts. I laughed so hard that night, I don't even remember when was the last time I was so talkative and laughed that hard. 

There's one thing that really stayed in my mind since that night. He is nearly - almost a different person. He who's talking with me and he, who's talking with other people is just different. When I go out with him, only two of us, and when I go out with him and our other friends, he's different. After years of knowing him, I found my answer that night. Because he is more comfortable with me than anybody else.

No, we're not in a friend zone kinda thing. Thank God, we're like brother and sister. 

I feel both blessed and sad to hear that. I feel blessed because he cherishes me as much as I cherish him, because our friendship is so beautiful and it feels like we're brother and sister. But sadly, why he ONLY feel comfortable with me, not even another one person? Why he has to feel that way? 

Then I remember I got bunch of messages couple months ago on my tumblr inbox, they said that they couldn't talk to other people by being themselves because they are embarrass and even afraid people won't accept them. 

I remember that I also, sometimes, in some ways, feel intimidating by certain people. I feel I'm not good enough to be involve, to talk to them. I feel like I'm just me and they are them. It feels weird and overwhelming at some point, but why we have to feel that way? 

My best friend admitted that I'm one of his comfort zones. He is mine too. So maybe that's why we're be ourselves because we're each other comfort zone. Because we both know, none is gonna judge or feel intimidated by another. 

My parents always teach me to try to walk out of my comfort zone because there where we can achieve our dreams. In our case, it means that we just have to try to be comfortable and have courage to be ourselves when we're talking or socialising with other people. We should try, no, we must.

In any case, in any chance, with any kind of people we have to face to. If they disagree, then let it be. If they don't like us, then let it be. The more I think, the more I realise, if being yourself is wrong, then what is right? 

Let's speak up our opinions. 
Let's have an open mind. 
Let's prove that we're no more or less than other people. What makes us different is how we handle ourselves and situations. 

Thanks for reading! Xx. 

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