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Hi everyone!
2013 is almost over and we're so ready for new chapter, new journey, new challenge in 2014, right? this year, personally for me, gives a lot of lesson to learn and somehow, is it good or bad, I've been through this, I pass this. So, I achieved many things in this year, this good year. I hope you guys feel the same! But, I'm here want to share all of things I've been loving in this year not my stories!

Let's start!


1. Lip Balm

The worst thing about this year was its season. It was so bad as crap. The transition period was the worst in history of transition period. It makes we get so tired easily, feel dizzy, bad flu and something like that and... it makes our skin so dry, itchy, and looks terrible. Eww~

Lip Balm is the most important essential for me, I would never leave my house without lip balm! If accidentally I forget to bring it, I will stop by on minimarket and buy the best in there (minimarket usually has an enough stock of Maybelline Baby Lips which is good).

The best lip balm I've ever use in this year is L'occitane Angelica Verbena Sorbet Cooling Gloss. I'm crazy about this lip balm because the formula is insane! it feels so good on your lips, it moisturizes your lips perfectly and... it smells so good! The price is pretty expensive for as a student, but it is WORTH to buy.

2. Lipstick - Liquid Lip Color

I really love lip color - lipstick or liquid lip color, because it change the whole look with just one product. It makes your face fresher, happier, and more beautiful.

I refuse to use red or darker lip color for every day, so I have pretty much nude and pink lip product. But, this product is like my every day every time product because it has a gorgeous color and it's cheap!
It is Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Rosy Nude. It looks like a dark pink - purple but when you apply it to your lips, it doesn't look the same as in the tube. The formula is so pigmented and doesn't make your lips dry. It gives you a little bit moisturizer, but I prefer to use lip balm before I apply lipstick.

For liquid lip color or lip gloss, I really love this neutral color from local brand called Make Over. I have 4 colors but this is my most favorite : Fructis Peach. The pink - peach color is so pay off and also moisturizes your lips. I apply this after my lipstick because it can go with every color I have, it gives shine and nice color on top. But it also gives your bare lips nice color. Peachy- pinkish, I guess.

3. Moisturizer

I've been use Johnson's & Johnson's Baby Cream since I was born, maybe (My mom is also a huge fan of Johnson & Johnson baby product) and I never change it because my face is super sensitive, I'm afraid if I change with normal teenager face product like Garnier, Olay, Silky Girl, etc, it makes my face getting very itchy or greasy or even worse. But, I accidentally leave my Baby Cream when me and my family went to Grandma's and have no time to buy on mini market, so I used my mom's moisturizer. It is the Olay Total Effects. My first experience about this product is quite impressive. My face is not reacts bad, otherwise, it feels nearly same as my baby cream and my face looks better. TA DA! So, from then I changed my baby cream to Olay.

Another moisturizer I've been used is Papulex Oil Free Cream, like on my previous post, I struggled with acnes and this product gives an amazing results.

My skin care routine changed this year from ONLY baby cream to Papulex then Olay. So far, I love the result.

4. Foundation & BB Cream

There's nothing interesting about my foundation routine because I never change my foundation. I love Revlon Colorstay Foundation in shades sand beige (the closest shade to my natural skin color) because it feels good on my skin, it has great cover up any blemishes or dark spot or anything I want to cover on my face, and also give you a dewy look but not greasy. The only way I change my foundation is not the brand or the range, but only from 'for normal / dry skin' to 'oily / combination skin' because lately my skin is a combination skin - not too oily, but at some spot it's just awful.

It is not a good news that I've been loving Maybelline BB cream because it has light formula but great cover up. But, since they make new range for BB cream which I hate because it makes my skin soooooo dry and just disgusting, I can't find my fave, So  I use Revlon Photoready BB Cream (I talked about this on my previous post) and it seems like I will loyal to this product. I don't see any problem to my skin otherwise, I loving my skin more and more after applying this BB cream. The formula is amazing, it feels freaking awesome to my skin and GREAT COVER UP even just one coat. It doesn't make my skin dry or greasy, it gives a little bit dewy look, but with two coats, you'll see no difference between 'two coats of BB Cream' and 'one coat of foundation'.

5. Mascara

In 2013 so many drugstore makeup brand release their new mascara and I'm crazy about it because I almost never leave the house without mascara. I love mascara so much!

I also love to try new mascara which I've been talked on my previous post, I've tried Benefit They're Real  Mascara and... I love it. The result is impressive, it gives your lashes best look even in one coat. Thicker, longer and sexier than before. I refuse to use this mascara for every day use because I think it's too 'heavy' for every day, so I stay with my Maybelline Volume Express range (Falsies and Magnum) for daily use.

6. Toner & Facial Mist

I really love L'occitane and those product are amazing! The toner and face mist are super moisturizing and it smells so good!!!


I have sensitive skin so I really concern about what I'm going to apply to my skin. Body lotion is essential for me (OCD - previous post) and I pretty loyal to Johnson's & Johnson's baby lotion, I apply this after bath, follow with baby cream. It's just the best! Then for deodorant, I really love Adidas but whenever I bored, I choose Rexona after shower or Dove lightening. It smells so good and makes my armpit dry all day - well, thank God, I never have body odor problem or sweaty armpit problem, it's just a normal dry sweaty armpit (I'm pretty sure because my armpit area never wet, Hhhhhh)


Nothing interesting, because I never change my L'oreal Smooth and Intense Shampoo and Conditioner. For extra treatment, I use L'oreal serum and hair mask, follow with Makarizo hair mask and vitamin.


I almost can't decide what is the best nail polish in this year, but every time I look my nail photos (I love take picture of my nails - I know this is weird) I always fall in love - again and again - to Revlon Fall Mood. It's such a beautiful color. It's sparkly rose gold color, it makes short or long nail so pretty, and also makes your skin looks healthier and glowing. It's awesome!


This year is amazing year because it has so many good movie and guys, I can't decide. I really can't choose what is the best but so far, it was...


It was such an amazing story! It's so intense, made me cried, a lot! aaaaand it was the best 3D movie I've ever seen! The actors, the story line, the music effect, every thing in it was INSANE!!! 
Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in one frame? Couldn't agree more!
I hope 2014 has more amazing movie! Some movie are really catch me hope they're not disappointed.


I really fall in love with her voice and her songs! Fire Within is contains with 11 amazing songs! I can't go a day without listening to this album. I have it on my iPhone, iPad and also my laptop which I purchase, and a CD in my car.

I also love her album cover and every photo in it. She's so beautiful, I can't believe she's only 17 years old!!!

The Fault In Our Stars is not the best book I have, but this is the most read book in 2013. I don't know why but John Green really makes me fall in love with Hazel and Augustus character. Every time I read this book, I cry, I laugh, and I mad. I hate the fact that 'Gus died, but that's the best part! It makes me realize, this book not gives you a fairytale with a happy ending.

You can see that I almost rip the cover because I bring this book along with me almost everyday in my first month. God, I really need to get a life.


1. Game

I'm not a game person, I get bored so easily and game is not something I will choose to kill this boredom. But my sister get so addicted to this game and I tried it, surprisingly, I love it. It is 'dumb ways to die' this game is hilarious, full of stupidity and enough to makes me laugh and tighten my stomach.

2. Photography

VSCOCAM! this is the best photo filter I've ever use, to be honest, I hate filter but this app is just give you a bit color beautifully. I apply this filter whenever I mood to my non human pictures. I HATE filtering my FACE with filter. Why you need filter when you have healthy and beautiful skin? Screw people who apply CAMERA 360 in every selfie or selca they did. Ew. Even I have acnes or blemishes or dark circle under my eyes, I DON'T FILTER MY FACE, not now, not ever.

3. Social

VINE! why? Because only with duration 6 - 10 seconds you will get laugh, lesson, or even puzzles. It's fun! I love watching other people Vine. They're really cool to make vine when I just make boring vine like how to make... or yeah, stuffs.

4. Health

M & O cal. This app is made especially for WOMAN. It's a reminder of your period, because we often forget about our cycle period or the date, so this app is really helpful. Just set your period day and it will count your next period to next and so on.

5. Productivity

I love 'Do!' app because it really helps to reminds you your task or anything to do. It has cute preview with the idea of 'handwriting'


I really love Pretty Little Liars this season which stop in mid season, because it's more mature and complicated than the previous season. I also love America's Next Top Model girls and boys, I think that's great idea to combine the competition, and the competitor is younger than last season, so they give fresher look, idea and personality. Weeks ago, The Walking Dead is just stop by the mid season finale and I'm so freaking out!! I hardly can't wait because on January 7th, is PLL and February is TWD!
To be honest, this year, I almost never watch Game of Thrones becauseeeee I'm bored! I don't know why.

I've share mine, what's yours? 
This is my last post in 2013. I'll see you next year, Sweethearts!!! 

Hope you all have a great new year's eve and ... Happy New Year!

Much love <3

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