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Hi Sweethearts <3

Last night, I checked my tumblr inbox and got a lot of messages, one of them asked me to do this tag.
It's been awhile since my last "What's in My Bag?" post, actually I almost forgot about this tag soooo... as my promise last night, today I'll show all of you what's in my bag and also what's inside my makeup bag for mostly everyday. Here's my update. Hope you guys like it!

inside my bag

I got this bag in middle 2013 - june, july, I'm not sure. I love this bag because it's big enough to bring all my stuffs every day, it can go with any outfit I wear.

Let's start with 'inside my bag' first :

1. Charger - I always away from home more than 12 hours (campus life, courses, hang out with my friends) and I hate when my phone run out of battery so this white thing is the first thing I put in my bag.
2. Notebook & pen - to write an idea, or someone's phone number, addresses, any tasks, or else. Even I have note on my phone, sometimes it's way better to write them down on paper. It helps you remember things.
3. Perfume - Benetton Inferno Paradiso Pink - I changed my perfume earlier January and decided to try this perfume which everyone's talks about. Guess what? I LOVE IT so much!
4.Pocket camera - I don't bring pocket camera often, but earlier this year, I bring my pocket camera everywhere, I don't want to miss any moment in each day, it's Sony Cyber-shot DSC H-90 and I love the results, best for outdoor scene.
5. Wallet - I guess I don't need to explain much why I always bring my wallet, you guys know the rules, right? It's Charles & Keith  which I bought in the middle of 2013, I don't change my wallet a lot. 
6. Card holder - I have many cards and I hate when my wallet get bigger because of cards, it will heavy and odd. I bought this baby pink card holder from local online shop.
7. Glasses case - In actuality, I'm 99% four eyes. I'm pretty blind without my glasses or contacts on. My glasses from Dior.
8. Hand & Body Lotion - I never leave my house without lotion. Guys, I'm OCD to moisturizer. It's Vaseline Total Moisture Nourishing, it moisturizes my body well without any sticky or inconvenient smell. It feels really good.
9. iPhone 5 & iPad 3 - who wouldn't bring these two thou? None seems like can't leave their house without their phone. Me too!
10. EarPods - it's in one package for me, I bring my phone it means I need to bring it's friend.
11. Hand cream & hand sanitizer - like I said, I'm OCD to moisturizer and this L'occitane almond hand cream is amazing, I love it so much! It's weird being a hand cream fan girl? no? good ;) my hand sanitizer is from Bath & Body Works in Japanesse Cherry Blossom, not too strong but it's smells so good.
12. The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith a.k.a JK Rowling - I haven't finish this book, yet. I have so much to do and I've been ignored this amazing book for more than week, it makes me so sad!
13. My makeup bag! Let's dig into it...

inside my makeup bag

Moving on to 'inside my makeup bag' here's what I bring everyday. It's like essentials for me.
1. Wet wipes from Mitu - I know this is for Baby but who cares? I love baby product so much. It's so soft and smells really good!
2. Cotton, cotton bud & band aid - I get scratch, bruises, or even cut almost every day so that's why I always have band aid with me, and also I always have cotton and cotton bud in case my makeup out from its line. It's like an emergency kit for me. Well, sort of.
3. Contacts - I pretty blind without my glasses or contacts on, but I don't wear contacts every day, just in case. I use daily contacts instead of weekly, monthly or even year contacts because I think it's not safe. It's 1 Day Acuvue Moist.
4. Compact powder - To save my face during the day, refresh it a bit. It's Maybelline Clear Smooth Original in Natural. As long as I remember, I never change my powder.
5. Lip balm - It's Kiehl's Moisturizing Lip Balm and this is the best stick lip balm I've ever tried! I'm addicted to its formula because it makes my lips so smooth and fresh.
6. Lipstick & Liquid Lip Color - Oh yeah, I have a lot of lip product in my makeup bag. I don't know why. I have Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in 065 Rosy Nude and Revlon Colorburst Lip butter in 096 Macaroon, and Make Over Liquid Lip Color in Fructis Peach, it's not a lipgloss because it's pretty light but it's like a lipgloss. I don't know how to explain it (Duh??), I apply after my lipstick or even in my bare lips just to add some color.
7. Eyedrops - I need this when I have my contacts on. None wants their eyes turn red. It's awful.

PS: I also bring a bottle of water and candy or gummy, or even some crackers or wafer in case I'll be 2 or 3 hours long in class, I can sneak out for some food. Love your tummy :)) 

I guess that's it for what's in my bag. Show me yours! 

Much Love,


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