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Hi everyone!

I know this is kind of late for sharing my november favorites, but yeah... it sounds like an excuse, I've been through a lot of things and I think it's fun to share with all of you :)

1. Nail Polish

Once in a month, I always buy nail polish. I can't help myself if it comes as a beautiful nail polish, especially from my favorite brand, Revlon.

This gorgeous color is called "Fall Mood" and I think this is the best color for Fall - even I live in tropical country - because this color is so stunning and warm and it adds definition to your skin especially when you have white skin like I do. The pigmentation is worth to buy. It stays longer as their claims and it dry faster! Yaaaaay! Add your top coats and it will stays on your nails for 3 - 4 days without any chipping.

Another nail polish that I've been loving this month is ...

"Granite" and this color is also perfect for this season - basically every color can go with everyday uses but I prefer to choose color which fit with the weather. I love this color so much! I've been having this nail polish pretty long time but once I lost it in my cabinet and ta daaa..... it shows itself :)) So I can say I fall in love again with this color.

2. Mascara

I almost never change my mascara because I've been obsessed with Maybelline but I curious about what people been talked about past this year. It's Benefit They're Real Mascara so I decided to buy it. I buy it online from my favorite online shop because Benefit's store is only available in Jakarta which is far from my house even I capable to go there, I've been busy with everything this month.

Let's take a look about the most favorite mascara ...

I love the way 'Real' write it's beautiful like a handwriting. The tube is fine for me, first impression about it looks was good. Benefit always gives their products an unique name which it's easier to remember, like this, they're real mascara, easy right? ;)

The brush comes with a bit different from any other mascaras I've ever tried. It has 2 wands with different usage. First, hold your wand horizontally (main wand) for curl your lashes and second, hold vertically to stroke upward to separate your lashes.

The Claim...

As you can see, Benefit claims this mascara gives you dramatic length and volume lashes and long wearing results. I also read a few rave reviews about this product including 'before-after photo'. But I will never get satisfied if I'm not try it by myself. Once this mascara comes in my hand, I curl my lashes and try it. 
And the reviews wasn't lying... 

I have thick and short lashes but I never get problem with it because Maybelline Falsies Volume Express works well to me. But Benefit gives me better results! 

It was amazing! I regret why I didn't try this great product before! As you can see that my lashes longer and thicker. The formula is also amazing!

I only need one coat for this impressive result! It's also makes my eyes bigger and expressive. Personally, I won't use this mascara for everyday use because it's pretty expensive (Rp. 280.000 / $23.00) for me as a student with no job and I quite satisfied with my Maybelline Falsies Volume Express even the result is not even close, but it's way cheaper and still looks great :D

3. Sweater Weather

Basically I hate this kind of season in my country. Global warming make it worse. How can you deal with it? Yesterday, it was raining all day, a heavy one and next day it was so hot like in the middle of summer. It causes problems to my sensitive skin, My skin is dry and looks unhealthy, and also I suffering with dermatitis.

But there's something I like the most about this weather.

Sweater is the most comfortable thing I've ever use. It always match with anything and I can use it everyday depends on how the weather is. But, I found a super cool sweater from Forever 21 and it's so soft and light. It's warmer when winter and still comfortable when suddenly summer.


I'm glad that I was so busy this whole month so I didn't have chance to re-read Catching Fire novel and also I got a tips from my beloved anonymous, he/she said that "Don't you dare to re-read the novel..." 
She/he was right. 

Just let it surprise you! 

Because this second movie was way better than the first one and with the duration (2,5 hours) I was so thrilled because this movie was so intense and full of happiness and sadness.
My favorites were too many to mention and it would be a spoiler as well, but STILL I want to talk about this because I WAS IN TEARS
1. The most favorite moments: when Katniss gave a speech for District 11 / Tresh and Rue's family. Her speech for Rue was so beautiful and I can feel her sadness and anger. I cried a looooot!!
2. When Peeta gave Katniss a hug at that bloodyhell seaside (sorry, I was mad to Presiden Snow and everything). He has a beautiful sincere heart. His honesty and loyalty, ah... why boy like Peeta Mellark who will give you his own life only appear in the book? :'( 
3. I know this is sounds weird but I like the game scene, especially when the center of clock or island or... yeah whatever, suddenly spins and makes the tributes scared and fell to the ocean or lake or... (????) 
4. KATNISS' wedding gown <3 FYI, the desaigner is from Indonesia! #proudindonesian
7. I like from the beginning until the ending. 

HA! Maybe I was the last person in this earth who finally watched this movie, but trust meeee I'm a fan of The Hunger Games series, both novel and movie. FYI, I finished the books before The Hunger Games filmed :)) 


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