Sunday, November 10, 2013

FAVORITES (early month)

I've been buy and try so many products and new stuffs since earlier this month, and mostly are impressive and I love it so much, and also some product which I regret to buy. Here they are...


I never had skin problem before but then acne happens. I was so shocked and mad because my face looks so bad and disgusting and I cried a lot. I don't know why, because I never change my foundation or my BB cream, it probably because the weather or food I ate. I really don't know. So, my mom & friends of mine told me to see dermatologist, but I said no because I'm afraid, dermatologist's skin product will affect badly to my skin and get it worse, so I search it myself. Day by day I do research about acne and how to heal it naturally like using herbal or something and some of them didn't work so much to me. I almost give up, then I found a brand called PAPULEX which claims reduce blemishes and acne... At first, I think, duh, every acne product would say the same way, but still... I curious about this brand because I NEVER HEARD IT BEFORE. So, I googled it and found a lot of beauty blog and website make a review about it. I read almost every blog & website and I got the conclusion. PAPULEX doing amazing to my skin. It really safe and works great even in super sensitive skin.

I just like, Hey! I have super sensitive skin!

So, I search where I can find Papulex in Indonesia, and ta daaaa! I found this product in a pharmacy nearby highway gate, the way I cross every single day. SURPRISE!! I bought it and I really hope it will works for me too. 

2 months later... 

My skin get really better, all of my acne in my forehead, around my nose and my cheek are already gone, and it looks flawless as it should be. YAY! 
I asked my mom dermatologist, and she said it safe for every day use, it works as moisturizer too. So, from now on, I decide to use it along with my BABY CREAM as my moisturizer. Papulex can be use as moisturizer and night cream. Although it's quite expensive, but I think it is worth for money. This is not equal to how much you spend your money to dermatologist, please don't hate me. I'm just saying ;) 

So, I totally recommend this product. If you live in Bandung, you can find it in Apotek Yabes in Pasteur. 

Another skin care I used this month is L'occitane Gentle Toner and Hydration Face Mist.

L'occitane Gentle Toner is nothing like a usual toner because it is not just refresh your skin, but it gives your skin more moisturizer and keep the elasticity of your skin. Plussss it feels really good when you apply it to your clean face! I use it twice a day, in the morning and evening before my daily skin care.

L'occitane Hydration Face Mist works really well in my skin. I had a bad break out because of the weather and ... flash! This product is amazing! I'm kind of OCD about moisturizer so I try so many products and so far, this is the best face mist I've ever tried! It refresh, moisture and hydrate your skin and... it smells really good! I spray to my hair too :))


Since the beginning I started using BB Cream, I never change it. I use Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream in shade 01 Fresh. Lately, I hardly find this product, I don't know why, maybe Maybelline stops their production or what, so I search another BB Cream which is similar to this product. 
I decided to bough Revlon Photoready BB Cream, reason why I want to try it because I've read so many review about this product. Some people love it, others hate it. But, I love Revlon. So, that's why I finally bought it.

My first impression to this product is... 

You know what? I LOVE IT SO MUCH! 
It has nice packaging, the tube is just the old BB Cream's packaging. They have 3 shades (01 Light, 02 Light Medium and 03 Medium) which is really nice because every body has different skin color. My shade is 02 Light Medium. It has SPF 30 so it can protects our precious skin.

My shade is perfectly looks like my original skin, so when I apply it to my clean & moisture skin, it gives a really nice cover up and makes my skin so flawless. It doesn't makes my skin dry or greasy, in otherwise, it makes my skin more hydrate and feels so good
Oh, and this product is not similar to my last BB Cream, it works way better :) 


I've been using Vaseline since forever and I love their new serum! It smells so good, it moisturize my skin very well and feels so good when I apply it to my skin, and it's cheap one and easy to find!

I'm a huge fans of every moisturizer in this world! When it comes as a moisturizer, I will try it! Lately, I find new hand cream from L'occitane it called Amande. It smells really nice and it really moisturizes my hands! My last hand cream was The Body Shop and this one, works way better than TBS! Even it's quite expensive for a small size hand cream, I think it's worth for money :)


I love nail polish so much! Every time I get my period, it's such a pleasure (not the PMS blaaah!) because I can play with my nails! But, I refuse to do nail art, I love my nails have a clean french manicure or fresh color.
This is my favorite nail polish for this month :

This is a beautiful green color! I never had this kind of color before (green, blue, black, brown) because I love my nails looks girly with pastel colors or red, but this is catch my eyes!


I always carry hand sanitizer everywhere I go. It essential for me. But I hate when my hand sanitizer smells bad, so I always find hand sanitizer with a good quality plus good smell. I've been using Carex from Cussons for a long time and I got so bored. So, I moving on to Bath & Body Works and I love Paris so much, but then... I get bored so easily to every thing, and I find another BBW, the only thing I hate about BBW is mostly of their products smells too sweet for me and I don't like it, but... I found one which is interesting and smells really good, this is exactly what I want... 

It smell very calm and relaxing and I'm kind of obsessed with every thing about Japanese Cherry Blossom. So far, I still love this hand sanitizer... we'll see next month, do I get bored or not...

Next random thing is...

I start using contact lenses for some event or party or every time I want to (moodyyyyy!) and I aware about this because this is my first time. There are so many eye drops for contact lenses wearers out there but... I don't believe all of them. I'm paranoid. One of my cousin suggest this eye drops (she's wearing contact lenses every day) and I finally bought it. This one is not an expensive one but it feels really good when your eyes starts dry or annoying, as a first timer, this product works really good :)


On my last post, I already told you that I love Birdy and thanks to CreativeDisc , her new album, Fire Within is finally mine! I love this album so much, it really defines her personality and her unique voice. I love the artwork, obviously! She's so pretty and I love her cheek bone :D 

Another favorite album is 24/Seven by Big Time Rush and I found them quite charming and they all have amazing voice! To be honest, I never heard about them before, because nowadays, boyband just sell their cute face (sorry) not their talent. First time I heard their song is from my sister, she loves BTR so much. She's truly Rusher! The song is Boyfriend and surprisingly, I love it. One of their member's voice stole my ears, and I asked my sister, who's this. She answered, James. From then, I listen to their songs, and mostly I like it. 

Left to Right : Carlos - Kendall - James - Logan
Four of them have different voice and they all really talented. In this their new album, they fill a lot of courage and passion, that's why I love them. Mostly Rushers are teenagers, so I think this is what Rushers need. Because, believe it or not, music is affected more than we realized, to the way we think and the way we feel. Every body loves music, right? 

My favorites songs in this album are Confetti Falling, Crazy For You, 24/Seven and Amazing

Plus, they are so handsome <3 

I don't know why I never heard about them before, maybe because none of my friends ever talked about them. They have talent (singing and acting). Unfortunately, they contracted by Nickelodeon. At first, maybe it's fine since Nick make a lot comedy series and they play really well, but now, since their series is over, they need to move on. Why? Because Nick is like for children, as you guys know, Dora, Spongebob Squarepants, and all they have are prefer to kids. Teenager don't watch Nick anymore, but they all grown up and more mature and I think they need more than this to get their name bigger than now. Right? Why untalented boyband can get more attention than them? Because they're lucky to get good publisher. I didn't say Nick is bad, but BTR need something bigger than this :) 



This movie was amazing even some parts disappointing, especially the 3D effect. I don't know, I just didn't feel it. I feel the intensity and nervous about Thor's big plan. Well, since this movie is brand new, I won't talk too much becauseeee it's going to be a huge spoiler. For me, this second movie is way better than the first one. News flash, Marvel put so many hilarious scene, little jokes which is enough to make you laugh during tense. But still, I want talk about this. LOKI. Since forever, he's my favorite villain because he's smart and handsome in a flirty way :)) and Thor is sexier than in The Avengers! Look at that abs Oh-My-God!


When I heard about this movie for the first time, I had a high expectation because I've read the book and love it so much! At first, I was underestimated, every time I watch adaption movie, there's always something which make me disappointed - Harry Potter : Half Blood Prince was the most disappointing movie for me - but this Sci-Fi movie opens my eyes and whispers : "Gavin Hood knows how to adapting"
This movie was magnificent! Great actors - Ben Kingsley, Harrison Ford in one frame? Couldn't agree more! Great young actors - Asa Butterfield has grown up so much since Hugo!

Reason why I love Ender's Game - both of movie and book - is because it takes you to the battle, makes you think about strategy. Pssst... my favorite parts are :
1. when dragon army battle with senior army (salamander and leopard)
2. graduation day, because Ender looks so genius!
3. and many more...

But I have disagreement about this movie : My Petra's expectation is not Hailee Steinfield at all. I don't know why I don't like her *please don't hate me*
Scott Orson been waiting for 28 years and he must be very satisfied like I do (anw, I didn't wait for so long, maybe 2 or 3 years)... another sequel is worth to wait!
Can't talk too much because I'm gonna spoil every thing :))


This is maybe my favorite chapter for this month, because I love talk about something I love the most, especially when it comes as a handsome and attractive young man :)) 

My Celebrity Crush since forever from now on - if I can say it that way - is James Maslow from Big Time Rush. 

one of my favorites
First time I knew about him is because BTR, and I knew BTR because my sister, so thanks to her to introduce me to this young handsome man. I heard his voice at first time same as I heard BTR. Again, thanks to Boyfriend because from now on I dreaming about him to be my boyfriend :") 

I start google him and found his Youtube channel and click, magic happens... 
He do covers!!!!! His first cover is Clarity by Zedd, then Mirrors by Justin Timberlake along with Cimorelli and last is Love Somebody by Maroon 5 which is I love the most. 

better with glasses
I love his voice so much, especially when he sings Love Somebody. Oh-My-God I can't even breathe well! It's so amazing. If you watch his cover video, you'll see another version of Adam Levine, I wasn't kidding about this, because his handsome face for me is look a like Adam Levine, John Vesely and Peter Facinelli. I found his shirtless picture when he and the boys at the beach, and this is makes me - WOW - obviously. Who doesn't like see handsome man with great body? If you say you don't, then you're being hypocrite. That washboard abs - ohlala... 
Then I read about him do workout and I just like, James, you do the right thing. Because, before he has that body, he is a boy with a tall skinny body and shaggy hair. Cute but it's immature for me. I hate seeing young man with long hair. And you should see his smile... 

I stole it from his Instagram. Fox is cute!
And I also love his personality - based on what I see from his interviews, live chat, his social media (instagram, keek, and twitter). He really nice to his fans, even to papparazi which is annoying. Every time he answer a question on interview or live chat, he always talk softly and gently. Aw :')
From what I found on his Instagram, he has a dog called Fox - it's the cutest Alaskan Klee Kai I've ever seen. I wasn't a huge fans of dog, but this one is really cute with different eye color. It looks like Siberian Husky, but it's not. I think, he's so busy with his works (band and his TV Series in Nickelodeon called same as band, Big Time Rush) it's really hard to take care something or someone because he says Fox is his son. It kind of big decision since he lives alone. He did it. The boys also love Fox, and my sister said, James brings Fox along with him on his band tour. How nice :') 
So, hello Rushers! :)) 

We are done with my favorites, it's time for what product / thing I regret buying...

1. Garnier BB Cream

Like I said, since I ran out my Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream and search another drugstore makeup product, I bought Revlon and Garnier. I buy it because I read so many reviews about this product and again, some just love and some just hate. I don't know which one will works for me, so I buy both of them. The result is Garnier BB Cream is really not working for me, at all.

First, I hate the scent, it smells like lemonade and makeup and butter. Yucks.
Second, I hate the fact that they just have one shade.
Third, the claim is moisturizing, protecting skin with SPF 30 ... but it's just a claim. It doesn't moisturize my skin, even it makes my skin so dry and sticky and greasy and... it looks so awful and disgusting.
Fourth, even this product is cheap, it still not worth for money.

2. MAKE OVER Liquid Eyeliner

I've been loving this local brand because they make such a beautiful lip color. 2 or 3 months ago, I took beauty class with this brand and they introduce their liquid eyeliner. At first, it looks fine, but it didn't stay any longer and when I removed it with my makeup remover (I'm using Revlon) it's so annoying because it spread all over my eye lids and it's so disgusting and it makes my eyes hurts.

That's all for my favorites and regrets in early month, I'll do another review in end of this month. Hope you guys enjoy and like it.

Much love <3


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