Thursday, November 07, 2013

BEAUTY TIPS : DIY facial scrub

So this is my first beauty tips and I found it very cheap and easy to do. I hope this tips will help you guys :)

Facial Scrub. 
Every girl should knows that our face need more than facial wash. It needs something that can take off all dirt in our face, so it won't makes acne get worse or it causes blackheads

My story :
I've been struggle with dermatitis for years and thank God, it get better every day! But bad news is it leaves blemishes like black spot all over area in my allergy (haunch and around armpit) which is so annoying and it feels so bad to me.
My Cousin, Novie, told me that olive oil and salt can helps relieve blemishes. I always love natural or herbal treatment. So I tried it. It feels so good! After I wash gently, I can feel my skin is softer and feel so clean.
Next day, I curious how it will works to my face. Softly and gently, I scrubbed my face and... OH GOD, it feels so good and clean and helps to healing my acne and blackheads!

Let's start!

You need :

1 tbsp salt 

1 tbsp olive oil


- Mix salt and olive oil in your small container (bowl, mug, anything you have)
- Clean your face with your daily facial wash
- Softly and gently apply it to your cheeks move to center of your face, forehead and chin.
- Wash it with cold water

Scrub your face & body twice a week. Good luck! :)

Much love <3

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