Friday, November 29, 2019


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Yes, apparently many things you can do when you are sick beside rest. I consider these activities are productive and I promise you it won't take up much on your energy. Are you kidding? We need more rest! Before you do this activity, make sure you have something to snack on and a cup of tea. 

Build your dream house 

HAHA, of course not. I mean, create a Pinterest board about your dream house. Start with your colour palette, the theme of your house, the size of it. When you have a chance, you can start decorating and no need to hire an interior designer because you have your own inspiration board. I can spend an hour-long just to scroll and pin some ideas to my board. It will be fun! Also, see how long you're invested on that. 

Write something

You can write whatever you want: just write one or two sentences that always been on your mind like ideas, who knows maybe it could be a novel. Or itinerary for future travel references which will be very useful and make your life easier when the time comes. Or start a blog, maybe you're going to like it! I've been this sick for almost a month now and I invest my time on blogging and finding some ideas. 

Read a book 

Sometimes, in our day to day life, it's hard to put reading time on our schedule. So use this time to read that novel you bought, I don't know, last year? If it is too hard to read a book, try to read a magazine, or even just one article. You'll be happy to know that at least you're doing something productive in a day even on your sick day. 

Watch a movie or maybe a series? 

Start to catch up on movies or series that you've always been wanting to see. Whenever I'm sick, I use this opportunity as a me-time. I can just stay on my bed with my snack watching Netflix all day. However, don't watch a heavy themed movie or series, just something easy or no brainer like comedy movies or series. Need a recommendation? If you haven't, start watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. That series is my go-to whenever I'm in a bad mood or my worst day. Of course, it will be lifted up my mood on my sick days. Not productive? Think again. 


If all fails, just take a good nap. Your body gives so many signs of how you should be taking rest more but sometimes, we did not listen. This is the time when you should listen and obey what it wants. 

I hope you feel better soon! Xx 

Love, Vera

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