Wednesday, November 27, 2019


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So, this is not a regular throwback review, but I thought it would be fun to share. Last night, I rewatched Twilight and I had so many thoughts. Like, seriously, I'm an adult now, most of them were so different from what I thought when I was a diehard teenager Twilight fan - Twihard. 

  1. The first scene was on spot dramatic - talking about death already!! 
  2. I almost forgot how extremely awkward the conversation between Charlie and Bella was. All the darn time. 
  3. I actually love how natural Bella's makeup is. I barely see any, probably just tinted moisturiser, eyebrows and mascara? 
  4. Ew Jacob, put that wig down! 
  5. The 'Bella's first day at school' was pretty much the typical first-day scene at high school on every America's teen's drama/rom-com. The new girl, the It-girl, the It-boy, the talker, and the shy girl. Ugh. 
  6. Also, Twilight is the peak of 2008. 
  7. HAHA, Anna Kendrick! 
  8. Ooh... here comes the Cullens! 
  9. Of course, the It-girl was the one who explained everything to the new girl. OF COURSE. 
  10. But, tbh, good introduction.
  12. I still remembered how excited I was to see Edward for the first time. Low key still is now.
  13. Edward's first reaction was hilarious: he acted as if Bella was smell really bad and then dude stared real hard. Like, Edward, chill, you're a weird man!
  14. Can we appreciate how Twilight soundtrack went harder than it should be? LIKE DAMN!
  15. Also, Robert Pattinson is so good in this movie - franchise, period. Even in a plain grey shirt. 
  16. Have I mentioned how beautiful the Cullen family was? Yes. They were like on the top gorgeous vampires. 
  17. The empty, grey sky, deserted beach. Why do you even want to go there? 
  18. The 'cat' guy! Why is he looked so familiar? 
  19. Okay. So, the reveal scene was kinda... odd! What if Edward wasn't a vampire but just normal, seventeen-year-old? What if he was just messing with Bella and acted so weird to get her attention? Can you imagine how hilarious it would be when out of nowhere for one second Bella thought he was Superman and the next minute she confronted and said he was a vampire? Gosh, Bella. You watched too many movies!
  20.  "My own personal brand heroine" and they were just met two weeks ago? 'Kay. 
  21. Man oh man, Edward in a blue shirt. Thank God for the wardrobe team. 
  22. Charlie Swan is iconic. Yes, is. 
  23. Bella was a real, dumb, teenage girl. First, she fell in love in two weeks to a 180-year-old vampire. Second, she was willing to come to a house full of vampires? Third, she was also really great at making a bad decision from one to another. 
  24. I like how the fight scene was badly staged. 
  25. So funny that Bella's parents were kinda okay when Edward (and the Cullens) blamed everything on her clumsiness. I mean, felt of the stairs and crushed the windows? Wow. 
  26. Praise to whoever chose Edward's entire wardrobe. He looked so good in that suit!
  27. I love the dance scene with the beautiful song from Iron & Wine. So sweet yet romantic. 
  28. Oh, love me some twist in the ending! 
  29. I forgot how cute the credits were!
  30. You know what, no matter how dumb this movie was, I still love it ;) 

Ps: of course I'm watching New Moon after this! 

Love, Vera


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