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I was planning to do this list after Avengers: Infinity War but you know, my post would be up sometimes around 2020 and I can't wait. Today I'm gonna share this part 1 instead, along with the reason why this following movies are worth A+ from, basically, everyone.

These movies are some from my long list of movies that I want to share with my children, even grandchildren one day because I do know my little girls and boys are just gonna be just like me, someone who loves movie so much. 

Please note I only watch the movie, I have never read the comics - because honestly, I'm not a big fan of comic and don't know where to start... 

  1. CA: The First Avenger (2011) - this is such an amazing, thorough and well written origin story. It's a slow pace one so you can follow the entire Steve Rogers' (Chris Evans) journey to become Captain America. Some people said it's a boring story, less actions than the others, or they said 'too much talking' and honestly, as an origin story, what do you expect? Don't you have to understand the whole story before you get what you want? 
  2. CA: The Winter Soldier (2014) - I have never been so captivated by a movie like how this movie made me. Since the first scene, it totally gets me. It makes me put everything down, forget everything for a while, at least while I'm watching. The story is so beautifully written, so well acted, so amazingly directed!
  3. CA: Civil War (2016) - Anthony & Joe Russo are double trouble. They killing it as they did in CA: TWS. Although this movie has so many characters with their superpowers, as audience, I don't feel overwhelmed at all. The well packed action sequences, well acted, well directed, well done! I have a really high hope for Avengers: Infinity War since the duo will be directed the third and fourth movie of Avengers. Who doesn't? 


I do love the first Thor movie (2011), but honestly, The Dark World is something that really identify Thor and his power. I get that the first movie is an origin story and I shouldn't expect more but with how powerful Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is, and he's basically a God (just like Natasha said to Steve in Avengers) of course I expected more than that. This movie is so dark, deep and dangerous. It's so scary that I have to hold my own hands during the movie. The character is so well captured - Thor obviously had great character development, he's no longer a f**kboy just like he behaved before. He learned so much about himself, his power, and his legacy. Loki (Tom Hiddleston), however is the most complicated character in MCU, none understand him and what's going on in his head - thou I'm not sure if you do read the comics, maybe you understand. Until now, if I miss Thor and his handsomely evil step-brother Loki, I always reach for this movie instead of the first one. Also, can't wait for Thor: Ragnarok

IRON MAN 3 (2013)

The first and the second movies are great, they're so intense but this one, as a closing movie for Iron Man stand alone saga, is spectacular! It's so intense from the beginning, unusual villains who played both Tony's (and basically everyone) mental and physical power, so exhausting to watch but yet, pulling us deeper than we thought it would be. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is no doubt one of the greatest characters ever made in superhero stories. His character has developed so much throughout years we watched him, and in this movie we see the best he could be. I wish 40 years from now, I can watch this movie with my husband, my children and probably my grandchildren in our little humble abode. 


A movie like no other, with so many superheroes, but yet, not overwhelming to watch. Man, this is so genius! This movie is so entertaining to watch since the first scene. It's like my favorite ride on theme park, I stand in line just for this one, I wait patiently, I get in and I am the happiest person on the galaxy. Everybody's superheroes are fighting, and joking, and pulling us in to defeat our favorite villain. It's amazing to see everyone in the same movie, but still they get their shining moments without overshadowing others. So well written, well acted, well directed! My only complain is the CGI at some scenes, but really, who cares when you already falling in love on the first minute? 

ANT-MAN (2015) 

This is probably the most enjoyable MCU movie. I literally can't stop laughing every time I watch this movie. It's brilliant to make such a fun way to explain the hero origin, the transition from normal guy, not really, a criminal to be a superhero. Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is such an underrated character, I've never heard this character until the movie was announced. I love how he refused to be Ant-Man at first, then he finally gave himself a permission to try and gained his way out. I love this movie so much because it's fun and easy to understand, but yet still carry important story of the hero.


As Stephen Strange's (Benedict Cumberbatch) origin story, Doctor Strange provides everything you want without making it overwhelming. How so? Because it answers everything we want to know like who is? what he does? what his superpower? how he gets his superpower? how it happened? More than that, this movie has its own world - the dimensions, the mystical war that happened. It nearly doesn't involve earth citizen, the battle is only between the protagonists and the villains. The best thing about this movie is the visual effect on it, Marvelception: city bending and world moving. It's a new thing in MCU and I think that's great because this movie also has so many hints to Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War.

What's your A+ MCU movie? Let me know! Thanks for reading, xx 

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