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I never see myself fancy a war movie before, not until my most favorite director Christopher Nolan announced that he was going to release a war movie in mid 2017. Of course I have to watch it because first, it's Nolan's movie. Second, Nolan and his brain are really good couple. Third, Nolan and Hans Zimmer? Bomb! 

The amount of loving his creation becomes unhealthy now. I mean, I lost count on how many times I've watched The Dark Knight trilogy, alongside his other movies. I also watch Interstellar before bed because clearly I want to throw myself into blackhole and other dimension. please excuse my sarcasm.  

Watching Nolan's movies always give me some sort of experience, but Dunkirk is actually a whole new experience. It's something I have never experience before. Within around 90 minutes (which is shorter than Nolan's previous movies), since the beginning, when I just sat my butt on the cinema, then few minutes later the movie started and the first ever scene started, the soundtrack banging on the ears, holy moly...

Dunkirk is spectacularly horrifying, so raw and real. I literally lost count how many times I jumped on my chair. This movie is a new level of art combined with Hans Zimmer's beautifully eerie soundtrack. It is a masterpiece! 
Before I tell you more about Dunkirk, I want to mention this post is part of my collaboration with my friend, Ilham Hamzah. I talk about the movie, while he talks about the comparison between the movie story line and the actual event. Please kindly check his blogpost. I had a great time watching and discussing this movie with him! Thank you, Hamzah xx

This is also a SPOILER FREE review. I got you, guys ;)

Let's start with the story. The best way I can describe this war movie without spoiling anything, Dunkirk is actually one giant sequence of what actually happened during the war. It's only one sequence that divided into three parts depend on where it happened: the land, the sea and the air. So much "is that..." and "oh, so...". It's illuminating just like any other Nolan's movies. I love how this movie divided into different perspectives, with the crosscutting style to make it makes sense in the end. It's like a dance. The perfect combination between the action and the song, that makes audience drifted into the story.

Switching between day and night, with three different places, Nolan pulls those narratives together to be an immensely remarkable dark story.

If you expect to have a background story, or characters introduction, be ready to disappointed because like I said earlier, it is a giant sequence. This movie is about war, and war only. We don't get to know the characters, not even recognize our hero or the protagonist, or at least one person who has connection with us, audience. No, there's no one character that I actually care, like I want to know personally, because this movie is not relying on the dialogue, it's not about one person or society, it is about war. This movie start intense straight away, just like that, Nolan throws us into the war zone.

So. Freaking. Intense. 

Moving on to the cinematography. Mr. Nolan is, without a doubt, the master when it comes to take his movie as real as possible. The casting with nearly 6000 extras, authentic vehicles and real locations - what a great scale here. He never relied on special effects, that's why this movie is so raw and real. The camera angle, shooting one by one scene, in three different phases: the land, the air, and the sea, with a little amount of information. Although the audience are not actually have certain feelings with characters, the camera angle however makes us there. Like I was there, on the war zone, being scared and wanted to go home. I even held my breath so many times because how real it was. The cinematography in this movie is absolutely gorgeous, so breathtaking!

Not only the cinematography that helps to build the story more alive, but also the soundtrack which is very eerie and haunting. Thank to the one and only Mr. Hans Zimmer, the sound still haunting me even when I got home. It is so terrifying, along side with the bombing, the gun sound, the explosions, the soundtrack is like one thing you scared the most. While I was sitting there on the cinema, it literally gave me chills.

Although there's no main character, some people steal the screen just being as great as themselves as per usual. Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, James D'arcy and Jack Lowden are amazing! They give us the sense of horror just by their facial expressions and their body language. Fionn Whitehead is also great as a young soldier (and also the one that kinda giving us perspective on 'the land').

Overall, this movie is a beautifully written,  very well directed, and very well acted one. Mr. Nolan is giving us a quite minimalist movie (less dialogue, less characterization) with a superlative impact which is going to be really hard to miss.

Thanks for reading! xx


  1. Ve, selalu asyik ya baca reviewnya vera. The only reason Aku mau nonton Dunkirk awalnya hanya mau lihat actingnya Harry Styles :D

    Tapi kayanya seru sekali filmnya, sayang banget ga ada bioskop di tempat tugas sekarang :') cuma bisa baca review yang nonton

    1. Hai Asri! Makasih yaaaa comment nya xx

      Harry Styles menurutku ga bagus aktingnya, dan not a fan of him juga sih hihi. Mudah-mudahan cpt keluar dvd/blu-ray nya jadi bisa cpt nonton juga ya ;)


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