Saturday, August 12, 2017


On daily basis, I prefer body mist or cologne instead of heavy perfume. I want something that smells dan feels refreshing, make me feel like I just step out from the shower. More importantly, I hate having my skin feeling sticky. 

I've done this post in the past, back in 2016 and of course, I change quite a bit. For the note, I'm aware all the products I have here are coming from Victoria's Secret. I love their products so much, especially for fragrances. The smell is never too strong, always refreshing and some even relaxing. 

Sheer Love is such a light, refreshing scent. I feel like I just stepped out from the bath after relaxing pamper routine - with a fresh cotton and lily scent on my robe. It's so calming! This is my go to for day fragrance, to refresh me after long tiring day. 

Crush. I love this mist when I have a night out. The floral scent on it is so fresh and playful. Perfect fragrance when I want to feel energetic when I go for date night after such a long day.

Angel's Only. It's a little bit sweet but still refreshing and gentle. There's a hint of floral scent so the mixture of sweet vanilla and floral is so flattering! This one is a eau de perfume and I choose the rollerball one because it's less sticky on my skin (if it makes sense). I love wearing perfume, but I hate reapply it during the day so that's why the best way to reapply without making it sticky or giving me uncomfortable feeling on my skin is by using rollerball. Sadly, I can't find it anywhere, seems like this range discontinued.

What's your favorite everyday fragrance? Let me know! xx


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