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It's kinda late, I know. Like the old man said, better late than never. Right?

Following Rise of (2011) and Dawn of (2014), War for the Planet of the Apes is the third and rumored to be final installment of Planet of the Apes series, taking event two years after Dawn of with Caesar (Andy Serkis) a highly intelligence ape with his fellow apes being hunted by the Colonel (Woody Harrelson) who has so much anger and hate toward the apes.

This movie is unapologetically dark, wild and frightening. 

From the very first scene, this movie is already kicking it with intense war between humans and apes, and it's kinda explain what happened since Dawn of. Humans and apes are still not getting along and the Colonel still asshole. From this point of view, humans are the enemy and me, as human, really drown into apes' feeling, the confusion, the hate, and lots of times, I am scared to what humans will do. I mean, I learn about humanity from animal.

Since the beginning, when Will (James Franco) started this whole thing - well sort of - the story line is so thorough, there's never rush, never lack of background or plot holes, it has been always deep and well written. The trilogy builds from the ground and it's a slow phase for sure but not boring whatsoever, instead it's pulling audience in ever more. The construction of this movie is brilliant. From Rise of to Dawn of and now, War for - they are all one gigantic movie. Like I said, it's so rare for a trilogy to be such a perfect continuity from the beginning. I wouldn't mind to watch 6 hours long movie if it was this good. Take my money!

More of the story, it goes even more intense and so dark, I was totally forgot my lemon tea and popcorn, thank God I didn't forget to breathe. Sorry for lots of annoying silly thoughts, but seriously, I can't even think at least one scene that wasn't make my jaws drop. Not even one.
I love every minute of this movie. It's genius! 
On cinematography wise, it is jaw dropping obviously. The motion capture work is so real, like, super real. When I watched this movie, part of my brain was thinking about how dark this movie and the other part thought about how the special effect teams working on this motion, making something that I knew it wasn't real, I knew it played by human but on the screen, all of the Apes were just like that, the apes. No less, no more, so freaking real.

I can't say this enough but this is, by far, the best trilogy ever made on earth. I honestly think this is truly a masterpiece. It's very rare on the trilogy that every movie on it is equally great.

Thanks for reading! xx

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