Thursday, June 15, 2017



It's a tough call, so forgive me I'm not be able to just name one. These are the actors that always make me awe because of their acting game. 

Alexander Skarsgard 
This Swedish guy is always take different role, he never afraid to challenge himself into character. Every role he takes always left me surprise and praise him even more. He played a rapist, a barista, then a 30 year old something who fell for 15 year old girl, a commander in US Navy, and two of most memorable roles are Eric Northman who is a sexy vampire and John Clayton or Tarzan in his latest movie back in 2016. From all different roles he ever had, I have to say his best role is Perry Wright in HBO original mini-series Big Little Lies

Benedict Cumberbatch 
I gotta be honest, I recognize him for the first time as Sherlock Holmes in BBC shows, Sherlock, and that's the best role he has. I couldn't imagine anyone else to play that iconic character who would be better than him. Sorry, RDJ, but it's true. It is completely personal opinion. More than his role as Sherlock Holmes, he always been good actor! Like in The Imitation Game, are you kidding me?! 

Dev Patel 
He's young, handsome and talented. He is so amazing to always make himself deep down into character he's playing in. I watched every movie he's in and man I can't tell if he's acting or not, always successfully bring the emotion toward audiences. So far the best role he ever had was Saroo in Lion. So many feelings, great character evolvement, no man can played Saroo better than him. 

Tom Hardy 
His roles are always different with different genre of movies, from romantic guy in a rom-com movie, to dangerous villain, Bane in The Dark Knight Rises which for me, his best role yet. I love him so much in the last movie of Batman trilogy, so daring, so dangerous but yet so likable. I can't wait to see him in Dunkirk!

Tom Hiddleston 
A handsome, very polite actor, known as Shakespearean actor because his undeniably love for Shakespeare, this British guy is everyone sweetheart. He has so many talents, his acting game is so strong and never failed, I think. From all roles he played, for me, his best role is Thomas Sharpe in Crimson Peak. In that movie, he's both fragile and dangerous, it's insane! 


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