Friday, June 02, 2017



This is so easy to answer because so far, my favorite comedy movie is still Vacation (2015). It's so funny! The story is dumb but guys, I laugh so hard every time I watch it. It is stupid, sometimes offensive but it's still tolerable. Of course some scenes are overdramatic, but I think it makes the whole movie is very funny. 

It's not a type of Award movie, obviously, but I think it's so easy to watch. You don't have to be genius to understand the humor, you don't even have to think to understand what is going on. I appreciate how this movie just want to make you laugh without make you worrying about the story line or the production. 

Vacation is the only movie that I don't care how dumb the story is, how offensive some scenes are, because this is the movie that I play when I need to laugh, the movie that really works to destress. I know it's not for everybody else because offensive jokes, but when I watched it on cinema, everyone was leaving the room with smiles and happy face. 

What's your favorite comedy movie? Let me know! xx 


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