Saturday, June 03, 2017



Everyone around me knows that it's easy for me to cry over small things. They say I'm very sensitive, well not gonna lie, I do. I get emotional so easily - if I see someone who is in poor condition, I cry. If I see heartbreaking scenes on movie, I cry. Basically, it's easy to make me cry. 

There's one movie, that literally made me cry so hard and lasted till days. It's Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2009). Seriously, I cried over this movie for three days! Every time I remember scenes, I cry. I'm such an emotional wreck! It makes me sad because I always touched by everything about animals and their loyalty. It broke my heart into zillion pieces to see Hachi hopes like that. 

It's a remake of the original movie from Japan, Hachi-ko (1987), I haven't watch the original - I couldn't find it anywhere (let me know if you know where to watch!). The story is about a man and his dog that very loyal. Hachi, the dog, always picks his master, Parker after work every afternoon on the train station. It becomes a habit for Hachi. Then here comes the sad part, the worst part to think, Parker has heart attack and rushed to the hospital while Hachi waits at the station. Even when Parker is passed away, Hachi still waiting. He waits everyday until he's dead.  Oh my God :((

See, even when I type this post, my tears are falling down like waterfall! 


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