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Whoaaaa... tough call! I have so many movie names to say, it's kinda list honestly. I could write down the list if you want me to, but I have one movie that I think deserves more than it got. People around me didn't talk about this movie - they didn't even know about it. I also knew about this movie because I happen to love the actors.


Have you watched it? or at least, know about it?

This movie is a good example of bad trailer and lack effort of promotion. Back in 2014, when the technology era was already rising, good movie trailers were technically everywhere, this movie didn't do anything. What a pity.

However, the story is actually really great! It's very light, fun, easy to follow but not a cheesy romance. I love how the chemistry of the main characters build slowly and somewhat understandable, nothing is forced to be there, so relatable, so fresh. Daisy (Evan Rachel Wood) and Jay (Scott Speedman) are really have great chemistry which is a key point in this movie. Their chemistry is heartwarming to see, at some point make me smile a lot!

The supporting characters are also important, add some more to the story and really complete the whole story. They're there not only to support, but also to add little elements that are really important. Like dr. Bertleman (J.K Simmons), Jay's parents, and the psychiatric patients who are also Jay's friends, their presence are not forced to be there, but instead, they're there because the story needs them, they complete the story.

There are so many tender moments that really touch your heart such as when bus station officer asked Daisy, what happened to her and why she didn't wear shoes, then when Daisy asked him to take her home and in that moment we can see that officer is worried about her, those little moments add so much more the the whole story.

If you interested to watch this movie, I suggest you DON'T watch the trailer. It's really bad, might be turn you off, just give this movie a try ;)


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