Saturday, September 10, 2016



When it comes to fragrance, I never changed it drastically. Everyone around me knows I'm into soft and flowery fragrance. For everyday use, I almost never use perfume, I prefer cologne or body mist because strong scent and sweat are not a good combination. I hate having my skin sticky (it's actually not sticky, but that's how I feel).

So here are my favourite everyday fragrances. I switch between them weekly or even daily, depends on my mood, really. 

Start with more affordable one, this is The Body Shop's newest fragrance English Dawn Gardenia. It smells like a garden, flowers blooming, so fresh and relaxing, and of course, so light on your skin. I just bought this mist month ago and haven't stop using it! 

In higher end product, I have Victoria's Secret's Bombshells in Bloom which is very girly, flowery and super refreshing. Whenever I feel tired, I just pop out the cap and smell it, boom! my energy is recharge! It smells strong but calm at the same time. This is my most favourite body mist I've ever tried. I also own the perfume, but of course, I only use it occasionally on big events. For everyday use, I use this body mist combines with the body lotion.

Ps: my obsession with this scent is too real LOL 

What's your everyday fragrance? What's your favourite scent? Let me know! 

Thanks for reading! 

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