Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Hello, everyone! 

Rewind to 2014, I watched so many romantic-comedy movies. No particular reason, just... had a very bad experience in relationship. So yeah. All I needed that time was laugh and cry. 

One of those then new released movies was Barefoot. First time I watched the trailer, I was like 'The idea is so fresh but at the same time reminds me Rapunzel story!' then I gave it a go and bam! I loved it! So much!

Barefoot is about finding love. Daisy (Evan Rachel Wood) has been locked inside her house with her psychotic mother ever since she was born. She didn't go to school, never interacted with anyone but her mother. On the other hand, Jay (Scott Speedman) came from a very wealthy family. He had MBA as degree but for some reasons, he's an asshole. He loves to party, one night stand, and all of his actions make him as a black sheep in his family. His father didn't really trust him, Jay became under shadowed by his younger brother's success. At one point, he has no goal at life. His life is going nowhere.

Fast forward, on one fine day. Jay and Daisy met for the first time at a mental hospital where Jay is a janitor and Daisy is a patient. The story goes from there, bring us laugh and cry. Seriously. It goes with light simple problem, doesn't try too hard to be romantic but that's the key point. It's so natural and pure and bring us joy and happiness only by watching this movie.

If we compare to the average romantic comedy movies, this movie is very subtle and evoke our feelings. This movie becomes a very believable and reliable story that I have to make sure that Wood and Speedman are not couple IRL. Their chemistry shown in entire movie. Ship them so much!

What I love the most is Barefoot paid attention to small details. The soundtrack is perfect, the whole setting, costume, it all defines the story and the two main characters. We find anywhere that sometimes the setting is so fake or cringe worthy but in this movie, even they're not really say where it is, we honestly don't care because it's perfect.

I'm impressed! Barefoot is an independent movie but needless to say, it has high production, very well written story (clever lines!), amazing soundtrack that really defines the whole Daisy-Jay story. What I regret a little bit is I want to see more of them. I'm craving for more of them, how alive Daisy is whenever she's with Jay, how mature and thoughtful when Jay with her, how pure and 'naturally falling in love' are they, how it's not a love at first sight cliche because they have process and that process we see is need a bit more.

Overall, I love this movie. I recommend to you guys who love romantic movies or just like me, when you need a light story to bring up a smile!

Thanks for reading! Xx

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