Friday, September 23, 2016


Hello, everyone! 

If you know me for quite long, you know pink is one of my favourite colours. Currently, this beautiful, romantic and girly colour has been my go to. Either shirt, outerwear, or even shoes! These following stuffs are not new, I have them for months and have been my go to for some times. 

Started my master degree earlier September, I try to find something girly but still appropriate to wear for school. Back when I was undergraduate student, I wore only shirt, jeans and flat shoes. That was boring. Now, as a graduate student, I want to change a bit. Giving an upgrade to my fashion choices, looking more stylish and of course, look like a woman. 

I don't talk a lot about fashion on my blog because it's not something I'm expert of. Not that beauty, movies and music are my speciality, but at least, I enjoy it so much. With fashion, I haven't found my own style, I think my choices haven't explain who I am. Now, slowly, I'm getting into that. Well, hope I can share a lot in the future! 

I like wearing this blazer! It's so comfortable during the hot and rainy weather, makes the rest of my outfit looks more expensive than they are. Also, it's so appropriate for school. The material is silk and satin, so comfortable and go with every colour. I like to combine with black jeans. For this shoes, I bought this shoes for my undergraduate thesis final examination. Yes. I bought a new shoes with a hope as a good luck. Well, basically, I just love shopping. 

Blazer : The Executive | Shoes : Heatwave | Watch : Rolex | Ring : H&M  

Thanks for reading! Xx


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