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Hello, everyone! 

For years I've been using makeup, foundation is one of the trickiest products to find. A good foundation gives our skin a nearly perfect, glowing complexion and of course, gives you confidence. What happens when you get the wrong, bad foundation? Cakey looking, too dark, too pale, anything but natural. That's disaster! It seems take a long time, but it's worth.

Here are my simple tips to find the perfect foundation: 


This is the first thing you should know because it will be such a disaster if you get the wrong formulation. Every skin type has its own perfect formulation, each foundation leaves different finish on different skin type. 

Normal Skin 

You are the luckiest ones because you can go with whatever formula you want! You can go with dewy finish or matte finish and it shouldn't leaves you problem. 

Dry Skin 

Try to find the foundation with hydrating, moisturising and dewy finish formulas. It usually liquid or creamy formulas. Most foundation has label so it's easier for you to find one. To be wise, don't choose normal/dry foundation because the formula usually for normal skin and still leaving you dry patches on your skin, it doesn't moisturising enough. Try on the back of your hand, leave it for 5 minutes, is it still creamy or it feels dry? You can decide then.

Oily Skin

For those who have oily skin, find the oil-free foundation, or claimed to control oil, or matte finish. Be careful with labelled foundation for oily skin because some foundations didn't give you matte finish, instead making you look more oily. Always try on the back of your hand, is it matte finish or not? 

Combination Skin 

You can go with whatever you want actually. But you should know, are you more to dry or oily skin? There you can choose the perfect formula. You should careful with the weather too. If it's summer, go for matte finish or vice versa. 

Acne-Prone Skin 

This is trickier than others because no one can say with certainty which product will or will not cause or worsen your breakouts. Thick or solid formulas should be avoided, so look for liquid formulas instead because it tends to be light weight foundation. Also, find the light to medium coverage instead of medium to heavy because it is also can caused breakouts. 

Aging Skin 

Wrinkles and fine lines can be cover up by using light weight foundation because it can be build until it reaches to the finish you want. Build able foundation is a must, so you won't have cakey skin. Always start with are you normal/dry/oily or combination skin? There you can choose the right one. Choose lighter foundation can be the option too. Tinted moisturiser and BB/CC cream can give you younger looking skin. 


This is down to personal reference. Most people tend to go for lighter but build able foundation instead of heavy coverage foundation to avoid looking cakey. For lighter, more natural coverage you can choose tinted moisturisers, BB/CC creams, thinner liquid formulas are great ones. But if you want high coverage foundation, thicker liquids and creams are the best. 


The good trick to find your perfect shade is always to try before buy. Trying on the back of your hand is actually not really good because your hand tends to get darker than your actual skin tone. Try it on the jawline or the area near to your ear. When you find one, don't buy it immediately. Leave it on for few minutes to see how it absorbs to your skin, how it oxides. Some foundations tend to have changes from the first you apply to few minutes afterward, sometimes it gets lighter, others get darker. The shade must be very close to your skin tone so it comes out natural.


SPF and foundation have love/hate relationship. When it comes to photographs, avoid using foundation that has SPF on it because the formula reflects or flashbacks to the blitz and the result is ghostly looking, especially on the dim or dark environment, or night photoshoot. For everyday use, it is actually necessary to use foundation with SPF for extra protection. This is fully personal reference.

By any means, I'm not a professional, just a girl who loves makeup. I hope this guide can help you. Good luck!

Thanks for reading! Xx 

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