Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Exercise or workout is such the laziest thing to do on earth but yet, this is one of the most important things we have to do to keep healthy. The problem is it's hard to get your ass off from bed and go to the gym or classes, right? I prefer  Netflix and chill than burning all of those unhealthy fat on my body. I feel you, girls!

Here's the secret: you don't have to go to the gym at all. You can workout at home, even your bedroom! So how to motivate yourself to have workout? Here are some tips that I learned from my experience. Hope it will help you! 

  1. Find your intention. This is not going to work out if you don't have any intention to do. Change your negative mind about workout, don't think how it will makes your body sore and tired but how it will affect you in near future
  2. Set a realistic goal - don't set your mind to lose weight! it will weigh on you and makes workout harder. Set your goal with something more positive like tone your arms or lift your butt, getting abs, or maybe bikini body.
  3. Have a commitment, although you are going to do this alone, make sure always have self commitment. 
  4. Always working out on your workout attire. besides it is more comfortable, it is also give you more motivation. Put your favourite workout clothes and werk dat booty! 
  5. I suggest to workout everyday if it's possible. You don't have to workout for 1 or 2 hours of hard core cardio. Just a good 30 minutes of HIIT cardio (jumping jack, sit up, push up, plank, lunges, and wall sit) or jogging if you like. Whatever you prefer, make sure you always move your body every single day. I like to have 5 days of HIIT and 2 days of dance workout. It's fun! You can find bunch of workout at home on YouTube.
  6. Morning is the best time to workout. Make sure you eat breakfast at least 30 minutes before you start your exercise.
  7. Make a workout playlist and fill it up with up beat songs. It gives you more energy to move your body and also, it's fun! 
  8. Take pictures! You will see your progress everyday and it feels good! Even if you don't post it, you'll have at least one picture a day and one day you'll see the differences! 
  9. Challenge yourself! There are lots of workout challenge on pinterest. Start with the less challenging ones like 7 days workout challenge. Always start from the bottom! 
  10. If you lose motivation, always remember why you start. You want to be healthy. Healthy means you will happier. 
extra: maintain your diet. You don't have to cut off pizza and cupcakes from your life, you just have to manage your portion. Eat less carbo, more protein, less artificial sugar, more fruit. This not only affect your body but also your mind. Eating healthier and you will feel happier! 

Thanks for reading and good luck! Xx. 


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