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Two words coming from my little head: 

This film is pure excitement from beginning to end. It lifted up its expectations. Every single one. I feel like living in Zack Snyder's imagination, where everything is visually beautiful, flawless, all the fantasy are fulfil my superhero game. 

I don't even read the comics, actually I hate comics. Period. 

"... Day versus Night! Son of Krypton versus Bat of Gotham!" 

A friendly reminder, this review may contains spoilers. Feel free to see what's on my mind after you watch the movie ;) 

Where should I begin?

The movie started with the event during Man of Steel, when Superman (Henry Cavill) chase Zod. We see this event from Bruce Wayne's (Ben Affleck) point of view. He was angry to Superman because what he saw, this hero who people look up to as their God, seemed not even care for what happened down there. He didn't care about people's safety, that they might be dead because this hero were busy to chase the bad guy. 

Personally, I think this movie is flawless. I don't remember when was the last time I feel so satisfied after watching a movie. Every expectation I had ever since I watch the first trailer came out, it was there. It was really there, happened gloriously. 

Previous characters development is amazing, we get to see more of Clark Kent/Superman relationship with Lois Lane (Amy Adams), his disguise as reporter at Daily Planet, his bossy boss, his mom. We also see how people react to Superman from both sides, those who agree, adore him as if he is God, and those who feel that Superman is an alien, a threat to earth. We will related to both sides. Agree that Superman is our hero, that our home, our earth needs him. But also, at some point, we feel threatening by his present. What if he's not as good as we think? 

This movie provides us with political view, that we live in democratic world where everything has to be discussed. None is allowed to make their rules when it comes to public services. Superman versus government and society.

New characters introduction is one of great points of this movie. We see Bruce Wayne/Batman from the very first scene, Alfred (Jeremy Irons) who is certainly an amazing character and damn, have to say Irons is the best Alfred yet, Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) which is one of my favourite female superheroes and Gal is slay. She is the best choice for this role. I can't think any better actresses to portray this meta-human female hero! Last but not least, Lex Luthor (Jesse Eissenberg) the puppet master, the villain who pulled the string to cause something big and that's Doomsday. He reminds me a lot of Loki, how they both have similarities with mind trick, the fox with their intelligence and obsession to own the world, craving for power. They create monster to play the villain role. Smooth. 

Moving on to the actual plot line. It is so well written, even when you're so blind with the comics, I guarantee you will enjoy this movie if you like superhero movie. This movie shows us good and bad effects of superhero actions. The fight between Superman and Batman, the Batman obsession to hold down and makes this God bleed. Superman responsibility to save the earth and everyone in this planet. Government's action to speak up for society. The chronological plot makes us understand why the story is happening.

But, I kinda a little bit disagree to how easy it was for Batman to forgive Superman and became friends with him. I know they were in between world-war but, come on, it could be better than that.

Doomsday created by Lex Luthor (kinda) was supposed to be really hard to beat. This is how superhero movies should have real villain. It must be really hard to beat, kinda impossible. This monster basically made from Krypton and the only thing that can kill him is Krypton itself. What I saw in this movie, it was hard but not that hard. I mean, it didn't have to be three of amazing heroes, it can be done by batman himself. I wish I could see more of the action scenes, how hard it was for Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to beat this monster.

The plot twist in the end is one of the most painful scenes I've ever see in a superhero movie. Superman is dead. Yep. That was really painful to see. I agree to that twist somewhat it put the story and entire relationship together. We got the hint about what gonna happen in The Justice League (part 1 and 2).
There are some scenes with introduction to new meta-human heroes and of course, upcoming movies line up, The Flash (Ezra Miller OMG I LOVE HIM!), Aquaman (Jason Momoa yaaasss Khal Drogo!) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher). I can't wait for all stand-alone movies!

There's no flaw for the special effects. Everything is in the right place, everything is great. I never doubt DC movies special effect (except for Green Lantern. Why it's so ridiculously terrible?), they always take time to work in their best and gives us the best movie to watch. It's beyond amazing to think there were green screens because everything I saw in the movie felt like real ones. 

Overall, I really love this movie. I recommend this movie to those who likes superhero movies. I guarantee it will blows your mind!

Thanks for reading! Xx. 

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