Saturday, March 05, 2016


From the first sentence, I knew this book was going to be difficult to read. The story was about a gone daughter from mixed marriages parents - America and Chinese - middle children with lovely older brother and almost invisible younger sister. This book full of expectations, hopes, dreams, deep complicated point of views, different perspectives and mystery. 

For my personal read, I love this kind of genre. I love to be involved, drown into story with such a thoughtful plot lines, playing detective. Unfortunately this book is not the one that I ended up loving as much as I thought it would be.

I believe I'm the first person who said this: I don't like this book. 


At first, when I read the summary. I thought this would be a journey of a youngest sister - the almost invisible child - in the family, who tried to find out someone who murdered his older sister. I thought we would see Hannah's POV. I thought we would see how she dealt with every problem in her family, what her sister has been dealing with, who murdered her, everything the summary provide us. In fact, we got nothing.

All we got was mostly, Marylin's (the mom) and James' (the dad) POVs, a little bit of Nath's and quarter of Lydia's, the dead girl. Yes. As long as I remember, I only read a little bit of Hannah's and that wasn't really important and add much to the story. 

The ending was too easy to guess for such pretentious story. I knew from the first three chapters, Lydia killed herself. Lydia depressed. Lydia didn't want to be what Marylin's wanted her to be. 

Every character in this book was bad person. I didn't see any good reason why Marylin and James married at the first place, why Marylin was being a bitch by leaving her children and husband for her long-lost dream, I didn't see why it was easy for James to cheat on her wife if he loved Marylin so much, I didn't see why Nath had to be really jealousy of his sister. I mean, come on, you are a guy! Be a guy! Also, I didn't see why Marylin and James had to abandon their youngest children, Hannah. What did her do? 

Although I fully understood why Lydia depressed. It was her parents' fault, obviously. I got the idea why she wanted to end her life. I got it but still, I wished I could read more of her story, her POV instead off rambling about Marylin's and James' past. 

Overall, I really disappointed with this book. Perhaps, I'm the first person who doesn't like this book. I read so many good reviews about it but well, this book is not my reading shelf. 

Thanks for reading! Xx

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