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I'm calling k-drama lovers! 

I don't usually write Korean drama review because I stopped watching for probably 2 or 3 years ago. The last drama I watched was The Heirs and that was really lame and confusing. The reason why I'm not a fan anymore because I think the story is getting more and more unnecessary complication and nonsense. The love story is getting too dramatic and too easy to fall in love, the family drama getting more complicated and weird, and also, the acting are not really good, not believable. I have to admit, since the beginning, one of many reasons I watch Korean drama is the actors. If I recognise and/or I like the actors, I'll definitely watch it. But if I don't like the story, I'm going to stop. No matter if they're my favourite or not.

Recently, I found out two of my favourite Korean actors were in the same drama called Oh My Venus, Shin Min Ah (or Shin Mina) and So Ji Sub.

Shin Min Ah is obviously great actress. She's beautiful and has an amazing talent on acting and modelling (yep, that Calvin Klein's ad). I watch every single of her dramas and movies. The first time I watched her on screen was on Sad Movie, later on, I watched her on A Love to Kill

So Ji Sub is great actor as well. He's unbelievably charming and handsome, has so many talents (rapper, actor, model, and entrepreneur). I can't believe he's in his late 30s now! The first time I saw him on screen was on drama called Sorry, I Love You

Having two of your favourite actors in the same drama? Great feeling! 

Oh My Venus has very simple story line without any unnecessary complication and drama. It goes with very simple story line, less dramatic family drama, less complicated love story, and great psychological developing in each character. It only has 16 episodes but we get to know more about each main character's problem. 

Kang Ju Eun (Shin Min Ah) is a strong, independent, smart woman which is very rare character in Korean drama. It usually goes with weak and shy girls, or even smart, they usually has complicated problems. This one, no. She and her 15 years boyfriend broke up, she's moving on with the idea of getting better physically to make her ex-boyfriend regret. She loves her job, she works really hard and girls, her motto should be put on our head, "I can do anything if I put my mind to believe it." I learned so much from her character. 

Another main character in this drama is Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub). He's handsome, charming, mysterious and very kind. He is every girl in this world dying for. He has own reason to hide behind the name John Kim, a famous personal trainer in Hollywood. He comes from a very wealthy family, the heir of the biggest family in Korea and struggle with neuropathic. 

This drama is ridiculously funny! Ju Eun's thoughts and sarcasms, Ji Woong's character, Ju Eun's training, and so many scenes where I found very funny. I don't see many funny dramas in the past (well, before I stop watching) so I found this drama is very entertaining and fresh. Although the ending is not what I expected, not really great way to end the drama after so many great episodes, I enjoyed this drama a lot. I finished the drama in two days. Welcome back inner K-drama lover! 

Overall, I recommend this drama to those who bored with nonsense, too complicated K-dramas. This one is for you, fellas! I watched this drama here

Thanks for reading! Xx

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