Thursday, February 25, 2016


I laughed my ass off in entire movie! This is the most hilarious Marvel's movie I've ever seen! This is so darn funny, dirty and very entertaining. It has lots of violence and by lots, I mean LOTS! Seriously you guys, if this movie didn't have any stupid silly humours, I would faint on my chair.

Since the first time I watched the trailer, I have high expectation for this movie. Firstly, it's because this is the first franchise. Secondly, Ryan Reynolds. Yep. You read it right!

The marketing campaign for this movie is brilliant! It's fresh idea, funny, and set us some high expectations for this movie. This is the perfect movie to open Marvel's year before uh, yes, that movie with all the feelings... Captain America: Civil War.

Deadpool is hilarious! This movie proves that Marvel always brings its movies to the next level. Our hero is stupid, full of sarcasm, fifty per cent handsome - fifty per cent creepy like Freddy from Friday the 13th. 

I have no idea the character of Deadpool, I never knew this hilarious, stupid character is one of Marvel's. I never read the comic, too many to catch up and honestly, I'm not a big fan of comic books. But, when I watched this movie, I fully understood about this new character. Usually, the first movie explains about the origin story of its character. We all know that sometimes - many times, it leads us to a "fine - boring - fun" movie timeline but this movie is not. I love every single minute of it, well, had a hard time on those violence scenes.

The story itself is very simple and easy to catch up. We'll know that Deadpool is offshoot of X-Men series - yes, Deadpool is a mutant. This may also be the funniest comic book film ever, literally every 5 minutes the crowd in the theatre was laughing at the over the top puns, and references - seriously, every reference is to die for! I laughed my ass off especially when Wade/Deadpool made a joke to Ryan Reynolds and Professor X, "Is it McAvoy or Stewart? It's kinda confusing sometimes." and he's literally us. All hail Deadpool! 

Ryan Reynolds is the perfect choice for Deadpool. I read some articles said that this movie somehow his payoff for being unsuccessful on previous superhero movie. We know, the one with all green suit and animatic (this one is also one of Deadpool reference jokes). Well, have to say I agree. Reynolds is one of understatement actors. He is an amazing actor but yet, people haven't see that yet. He's one of those actors who can be anything you want. Charming? Yes. Dangerous? Yes. Deadly funny? Hell Yeah! 

Another character that really got my attention is of course, Ed Skein as Ajax. I was like, "Damn Ed, are you kidding me?!" from all dangerous, mysterious, evil names, our villain chose Ajax as his name. I couldn't stop laughing! Why this movie has to be this ridiculously funny? 

But what's further surprising is that the romantic side of the story works more than I expected thanks to a wonderful set up between Reynolds and Monica Baccarin as Vanessa. They set up in such a way that you wonder if they'll run out of steam; some of their lines are crude, a lot of them very nasty and sex-related, and yet that made it interesting and touching to me when things do get serious between them (the conflict of course that Wilson gets cancer, and all his troubles flow from there). 

Nether less to say, Deadpool is great movie to kick off 2016 in MCU. Always remember to wait until the end of credit, fellas! 

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