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I turned 24 three days ago! I'm kinda in between right now, either I believe I'm 24 years old now or I still feel like I'm on my 19. I don't know. 

Getting older scares me. I scared not because I'm old now but because the thoughts of what have you give in 24 years?, what have you done with your life? what have you accomplished? Those thoughts  haunted me the night before my birthday and sometimes, I stay up all night.

my sister made this for me :">
I am myself love to write down in my journal, what happened and what I've accomplish in a year. It's like sums up one year in a piece of paper and I like to read it and try to remember. Well, let's say it is a self reflection, some joyful, some regret, some pride, and some fear. In the end, there's always something to be grateful of. 

This year, I thought I want to share what I've learn in 24 years. I hope it will inspires you :)

  1. Enjoy little things. This is so true. We're too busy to appreciate small things with huge meaning. Even if it's meaningless, it's okay to enjoy them. By appreciate and enjoy those little things, we'll be able to enjoy things that happen in our life gradually. Always start from beginning. 
  2. Wake up early. By waking up early, we can start our day earlier and be more productive. There’s so much more to get done by a day. You will be surprise. 
  3. Don’t compare your life with others. This is somehow one of our biggest flaws. It’s okay to look up to other people who are more successful than us, by always remember we have different path, different journey to live in. I think it’s important to be inspired, to get motivated by see how others life, but compare yours with them? Let’s stop now. We get nothing from that. 
  4. Talk with parents more. This is very important. No matter how close or far you live, always talk to them every single day. You’re getting old, so are they. 
  5. Don’t be afraid to keep secret. This is my biggest lesson this year. Learn how to keep your secrets is very important. People are dangerous at some point. You may be trust this person a lot, but in the end, trust none but yourself. Keep secrets for yourself and you’ll know none is going to spill it like a joke. 
  6. Set goals and make plans. It’s never too early, never too young to start achieving your dreams! Set your goals and make action plans! 
  7. If it’s not now, when? Don’t wait for tomorrow, don’t wait until you’re ready. Don’t ever wait for anything. Start now. Do an actual action now. 
  8. Read more! We learn a lot from reading. I’m a big believer even in funniest book we will get something to learn. 
  9. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! It’s okay to admit we need help!
  10. Do everything with kindness. You will surprise how it feels to do everything with pure and kind heart. 
  11. Believe in karma. If someone hurts you, leave and let karma do the rest. Remember, karma is a bitch! 
  12. Be passionate! Let yourself out in your passion, let yourself drown in something you love doing. It always feels good! 
  13. Pray more. I’m not gonna talk about religion here, I don’t care if you’re Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, whatever you believe. For me, we all are the same. I’m not gonna put labels on anyone. I’m muslim, some of my cousins are Christians, my friends are Hindu and I’m okay with it. Pray more. Pray with your own faith. Being a religious person is important for our spiritual. If you’re an atheist, I’m okay too. None should judge anyone. We are all humans after all. 
  14. It’s okay to feel not okay. It’s totally okay to cry, to let out your feelings because what you feel is valid. We all have hardest time in our life and it’s okay to feel like shit. It’s okay to feel the world against you. It’s okay to feel bad even when nothing to be sad of. It’s okay to cry even when your life is perfect. 
  15. Try something different. Explore yourself is important. Try to get out from your daily habits, try something new because something great is outside your comfort zone. 
  16. It’s okay to be a fan. Admiring someone’s passion, someone’s personality is totally okay and you can learn so much from people who have so much passion and great personality. You won’t idolize someone who has so many negativity in her/his life, right? Even if this someone is an actor, or singer, it’s okay. Fangirling is not only for teenagers. As you get older, what you see in this specific someone is not only the beautiful face but more into passion and personality. As long as it’s positive, it’s okay. Be a fan! Psstttt... I'm Hiddlestoner! ;) 
  17. Face your fears. I’m myself is afraid of failure and sometimes those bad feelings make me afraid to try. For the past 4 years, I always try to face my fears. I try and even it’s not work out or it’s totally failed, I cry of course but then just try harder. Failure is not a bad thing, it’s something before your biggest success.
  18. Never take people for granted. What you hear is not always true. What other people think is not true. 
  19. Fairytale is never get old. Enough said. 
  20. Letting people go. It’s going to be hard but believe me, it is important. Letting yourself go from people who are not helping you to get better, who are not meant to be in your life, and surround yourself with positive people. No matter how long you’ve known them, negative people don’t have room in your life. This is your life, you’re the one who owns the control. 
  21. Learn to forgive yourself. This is the hardest lesson to learn. People who know me, know that I’m too kind for other people and give them chances they don’t deserve. I learned I have to stop doing that and learn to forgive myself instead. You can forgive others, why can’t you forgive yourself? 
  22. Make yourself as a top priority. Again, I stop giving people chances they don’t deserve. I rearranged my priority list and put myself on top. Why? Because I’m matter, my happiness, my joy, my life are matter and as important as everybody else. My feelings are valid, there’s nothing wrong with making you as your priority. It’s time to learn how to make yourself happy, learn what you love the most. You do you. 
  23. Acceptance. I have wasted years for hating myself and now, as I’m older, as I’m wiser, I regret it. I learn to accept myself, my flaws, my mistakes, my body, and everything I have. I also learn to accept people for who they are. It feels good. 
  24. Love yourself. This is not only important but also necessary. Don’t love other people too much but less for yourself. Turn the wheel, start loving yourself, take a good care of yourself, make yourself your priority and do whatever makes you happy. You, your mental health, your feelings and your body are important. If you can love yourself in the right way, I’m sure you can treat and love other people in the right way too, that’s what I’ve learned. 

This is what I've got so far. These lessons became more personal than I thought it would be. I hope you will learn something from my post, hopefully this post is not offended anyone. But, I just wanna say thank you for everyone who join the ride on my beautiful journey. I'm looking forward for many interesting and amazing things ahead. 

Thanks for reading. Xx 

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