Thursday, February 04, 2016


I haven't post any book review because honestly I just finished one book this year. This is so not me, but I don't know why it's hard to read again. Life happens.

Anyway, I finished The Distance Between Us under 2 hours. I'm sure this is the fastest I've ever read a book. My inner bookworm is back, baby! So, here's my thought about this book written by Katie West

This book is cute. That's all I can say. Everything is just bringing me back to the first time I fall in love and how cute, funny, silly and crazy it was! Katie has the John Green style because their similarity with young and fun but still meaningful writing. I like it. I think this book is literally for everyone.

The two main characters, Caymen and Xander, they both are adorable characters. I haven't shipping any characters so hard for awhile. I think I care about their relationship more than I should be! Xander is like prince charming and Caymen is modern sarcastic version of Cinderella. 

Caymen is a very sarcastic girl and I've never liked a sarcastic character in my life, usually, it leads up to antagonist but here's our girl! In some points, she's very related to our life lol. The dynamic of her life, her Mom's mysteries, her feelings, those are just most likely normal. Even sometimes, her luck is just not our luck.

Xander is a very charming guy. He's everything every girl wants. He's handsome, kind, and... rich. Not just rich, but very rich. Xander is typical guy you dream of. He is, of course, also have problem like a normal human being. His relationship with his parents, his friends, somewhat is typical rich people's problem but at the same time, you enjoy reading it. You know what it is, where it leads, but still, you keep reading it and smile, and frown to some specific part. 

This book is a light, fun reading material to enjoy your perfect evening with a cup of tea and cookies or to start off your weekend morning. 

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