Monday, February 24, 2014


Hi guys <3

Last week I watched RoboCop with my Mum and sister and we really enjoyed the remake movie.
I feel like recall my childhood memories, my parents are movie lovers and they have tons of cool 80’s movies in LaserDisc. Don’t blame my addiction, look up, my parents started it! :))

I was a little bit disappointed but at the same time, I really glad that they bring it back!
The reason why it was disappointing for me because IT HAS NO REAL VILLAIN! Right? I expected much from this reboot but they gave me Murphy’s personal family matter which is TOO MUCH instead of sexy fight scene and the super villain. AND… too much shaky camera!

But I still love this movie for many reasons!
First, the special effects are spectacular! Yes, we’re talking about the brain and heart effect and all CGI. OH GOD!
Second, the costume design for the all-new RoboCop in a black tactical body actually looks quite nifty. The new RoboCop looks so sexy!
Third, the sound effects are pretty contemporary for me.
Fourth, the new Alex Murphy! So, I watched The Killing couple episodes but yeah, I don’t really like it. Reason why I watched The Killing was because people talked about Joel Kinnaman. I have no idea who he was until RoboCop happenedHe’s sexier than young Peter Weller (original movie, 1987). When the RoboCop helmet on and all we see is half of his face, uuuuh… I feel like seeing Batman in another mask :))

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