Monday, November 13, 2017


how to get along with your sister? 

I have two younger sisters and very close to them. Throughout the years, we build this sister-friendship with mutual kindness, trust, and respect. To answer this question, the best way I can explain is to have equal understanding and respect them as older or younger sibling. It applies on both sister or brother, it doesn't matter if they're younger or older, you have to learn how to be understanding and respect them.

My sisters and I are very different in many ways and often, it supposed to be leading to so many fights but it didn't. Why? Because we are understand different doesn't mean wrong. Just because I have different opinion about something, it doesn't mean mine or my sister's opinion is wrong. 

As an older sibling, I try to earn my sisters' trust. I place myself as a friend, not as a big sister. This way, instead of talking with their friends, my sisters choose to talk to me about their problems (or to my mom). I listen to them carefully and try my best to give them advice without teaching them how. None likes to hear advice in bossy way, right? I learn their characters, figure out how to talk to them without making them annoyed. For short, I'm trying to be very understanding at its best. 

Another important thing is to be respectful. If I'm wrong, I'll go first to apologize. Just because I'm older, doesn't mean I'm always right. This way, I implicitly teach them to be brave to admit mistakes. My sisters do the same thing, if they make mistake, they'll apologize. By being respectful, we create an honest sibling bond. 

Last but not least, make time for them. Sometimes, we are so consume with hanging out with our friends instead of with our siblings. My siblings and I are very lucky, we have same hobby. Three of us love watching movie so we go to theaters at least once a month. You'll be surprised how one day hanging out with your siblings can change your entire relationship with them. You can go to wherever you like, but start simple, shopping, go to new coffee shop, try new cafe, whatever. By making time for them, not only we earn their trust and respect, but we also taking care of them. 

If you and your sibling didn't get along, I suggest to talk first. Maybe there's something between you two that you didn't realize. Good things take time but it will be worth a lifetime in the end, I promise you. 

Good luck xx 

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