Wednesday, November 22, 2017


This foundation has been around for months and everyone loves it so much. My friends swore this is the best drugstore foundation they've ever tried. I knew about this foundation for awhile but never really want to try because it claims lasting for 24 hours. Although the finish is semi matte, still, the claim scares me a bit. My skin usually gets very dry with super long-lasting formula. 

However, after convincing comments from my friends, youtubers' review and some blog that I like to read, I finally gave it a go and here's my thought after using this foundation for a week. I want to try multiple times, not a first impression because sometimes it's entirely wrong.

Comes in a tube, light and slim packaging, I feel like this is a perfect one for traveling because it won't take any space on your travel bag and also you don't have to worry it will broken and ruined everything on your bag. The packaging wise is great. It has description on the back so you know what to expect.

The formula is amazing. At first I really scared to try because I'm not sure it will works on my normal/dry skin, however it turns out working really great. The formula is lightweight, it doesn't cakey when I apply the second layer. The coverage is medium which is perfect for everyday use, I think, because it covers and enhance my natural skin color but still making my skin looks like skin. As it claimed, this foundation lasts for a really long time. I didn't test it for 24 hours, probably 18 tops and it doesn't move, doesn't cakey and making my skin looks fresh and beautiful as I apply it on the first time. The finish is semi-matte so that's why it doesn't dry my skin. I like to apply it with damp beauty sponge, I think it works really natural instead of using hand or foundation brush.

However, it won't work if you have a really dry skin. I have normal to dry skin, I mean, I have dry patches around my nose and my lips, so my trick is using a very deep moisturizing moisturizer such as Clinique Moisture Surge. I don't think it will work for those who have dry skin, no matter what moisturizer you use, it will dry your skin and it's not going to be a good look.

Thanks for reading! 

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