Wednesday, September 20, 2017


The last time I shared 'what's in my bag' was back in 2015 and things have definitely switched around. When it comes to everyday casual bag, I like to keep it simple with neutral color so it fits with everything I wear. I got this handbag from Bershka and I think it's very simple, handy but still fits everything I need when I'm out and about. The nude color is also perfect for everyday because I like to keep my style simple and neutral. In terms of things that I carry around, I also like to keep it handy but still necessary. 

Wanna take a peek inside my bag? Here's what I have for most of the days ;)

Phone - obviously, who would leave their house without their phone? Nobody. I mean, phone calls, texts, social media platforms and even answering emails. I do everything in my phone because it's handy and duh, everyone does. 

Cards & Cash - because I'm using smaller bag, I don't want to take more space and ruin the shape of it so I left my wallet at home and take the cards and cash instead. What's good about this bag is, although it doesn't has card slot, it does have smaller compartment inside with zipper so my cash and cards are safe! 

Bandages - it's so easy for me to get blisters, scratches and even cuts on my body. I have no idea why and how, so often I find my skin is bleeding. So I like to have clear, waterproof bandages with me. 

Makeup - I like my things to be organize so I keep my makeup in a small pouch to keep it clean and neat. I don't keep a lot of makeup just things that I need to touch up (because it's quite often for me to go from am to pm without having time to get back to home). What I have are concealer, brow pencil, lip balm, lip liner, lipsticks (yes, I have four lipsticks. you know, just in case), and compact powder. 

Small mirror - it's handy to have small mirror to check up on your appearance, especially when you just finished eating. you gotta check on your lips and teeth in case there's something left there. 

Body mist - it's necessary to make your appearance fresh. currently I have Victoria's Secret Crush body mist. This fragrance smells really great. So fresh and flattering, makes me feel like I just showered. There's something about spritzing yourself in your favorite fragrance that makes you feel refreshed after a long day. 

Gum - I absolutely love gum - to keep it healthier, I choose sugar free one. 

Facial tissue and wipes - I've stopped using hand sanitizer recently, not sure why I just don't really like it much. So I bring wipes instead to keep my hand clean. 

Portable charger - I use my phone pretty much for everything and it definitely eats up the battery so quickly. Sometimes, it is hard to find outlets to charge, instead of making myself stress because I haven't answer important emails, I carry portable charger. It slim so it doesn't take much space on my bag. 

What things you carry with you everyday? Thanks for reading! xx 


  1. hi cutie where's your heels coming from? so beautiful!

    1. hi sweet, those are from heatwave. but they're an old range, not really sure still on sale

  2. i love reading what's in my bag post and I found yours is very simple but yet easy to read and understand. could you do the another post for your college bag? thanks babe!

    1. thank you, sweet! sure, i'd love to. thanks for the idea xx


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